ASMR Crystal Healing Session | Gentle Whispering, Roleplay, Relaxation
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Have you ever thought about how crystals work?  

Although science hasn’t fully explained the healing power of crystals yet, there’s definite evidence pointing toward their healing properties. Specifically, quartz crystals are known to create piezoelectricity. When under pressure they release a gentle electrical charge that’s stable, accurate, and consistent; thus, they’re used widely in watches, computers, and other technological tools.  

These stable electrical currents also interact with the unstable, ever-changing state of the human body, allowing us to synchronise with their vibration. This is known as the process of entrainment, during which a person synchronises with an external influence that affects the way they think, feel, and behave.  

From an energetic standpoint, crystals can focus, store, repel, transmit, or transform energy, and each crystal has one or more of these properties. 

It’s fascinating how many uses crystals have, right?  

I’ve used crystals for healing since I was 15 years old, and they never cease to surprise me. In my Psychic Clearing sessions, I guide my clients through practices to connect with the oversoul of crystals to help them cleanse or embody certain qualities.  

The other day, I worked with a man who held a lot of sexual trauma in his sacral chakra. I was guided to help him connect with carnelian, and led him through a meditation of meeting the Spirit of Carnelian and cleansing the sexual trauma stored within his sacral chakra.  

He left the session feeling liberated and uplifted, and I encouraged him to do the cognitive work needed to fully heal his traumatic memories, too.  

In this week’s ASMR video, I guide you through a crystal healing session with selenite, obsidian, and labradorite. (You don’t need to have these crystals to benefit from this, as I’ll guide you to connect with the oversoul of the crystals.) 

Specifically, in this ASMR video you’ll:

  • Learn about the healing qualities of selenite, obsidian, and labradorite
  • Cleanse your energy and raise your vibration
  • Feel safe, grounded and protected
  • Transmute negative energy to positive one

Click here to watch the ASMR video and experience a crystal healing journey.

I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing the three most common types of negative energy and how to protect yourself from them. Download it at   

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