ASMR Cord Cutting Ceremony | Gentle Whispering, Roleplay, Relaxation
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I’m sure you know about the importance of cutting toxic cords of attachment from past relationships, energy vampires, or other negative people in your life.  

But, did you know that you also have cords to fears, limiting beliefs, places, objects, and past lives?  

The other day, I did a Psychic Clearing session with a client who had multiple cords of attachment connecting him to past lives, during which he was mistreated and victimized. As a result, in this present life he suffers from lack of self-worth and low self-esteem. This prevents him from following his purpose as well as attracting healthy and supportive relationships.  

As a result of identifying and releasing these cords, he experienced an instant boost in his self-esteem and was inspired to do deeper inner work around healing the traumatic memories and experiences behind this conditioning.  

I’m always amazed at the transformation we can experience when we combine cognitive and energetic processes in our healing journey, which is why I use both in my private sessions and workshops.  

In my second ASMR video, I guide you through a 26-minute session of identifying and releasing toxic cords of attachment from your energy field.  

(For an even deeper session, make sure to check out my on-demand Cut Cords online workshop).

In this ASMR video you’ll get to… 

  • Identify toxic cords to people, fears, limiting beliefs, and past lives
  • Work with sound and scissors to cut toxic cords
  • Bathe in the violet flame to transmute your energy
  • Infuse your aura with the vibration of healing essential oils

Click here to watch the ASMR video and cut cords to everyone and everything that holds you back.

I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing the three most common types of negative energy and how to protect yourself from them. Download it at   

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