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What does the ideal romantic relationship look like? Have you ever stopped to consider this?  

We all search for romantic love and healthy partnership/s with our ideal lover/s, yet we rarely take the time to define what that means for us.  

As a result of my new sex and relationships podcast, Can’t Host, I do a lot more thinking and reading about relationships. Recently, I read a book called Polysecure by psychologist Jessica Fern, which makes the case for polyamory.  

(Did you know that monogamy is a relatively recent concept? Historically, we’ve mostly been polyamorous!) 

Although I previously would never have thought of polyamory as an option, reading the book and understanding how it works psychologically opened me up to it.   

You see, we’re all so conditioned to think a certain way about relationships that we don’t truly know what it is we want. We think we do because other people tell us so, but we only truly know when we consciously explore our options.  

In my latest ASMR video, I share with you affirmations to attracting love in your life. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or in multiple relationships, these affirmations will help you deepen your intimate connections and manifest one or more of your soulmates.  

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • My favourite affirmations to manifesting love. 
  • Ways of being more receptive to affirmations.  
  • An energetic process to amplify your affirmations.
  • How to expand your vision of what romantic love is.

Click here to watch the ASMR video and manifest your soulmate/s.

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