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Today, I’m excited to share with you the last of six podcast episodes about ancient Greek spirituality, based on my book Secrets of Greek Mysticism.  

So far in this series I’ve covered the following: 

  1. Are the Greek Gods and Goddesses Real? 
  2. Greek Mythology vs. Greek Religion 
  3. Ancient Greek Gods and Their Powers 
  4. The Ancient Greek Wheel of the Year 
  5. Noumenia – The Ancient Greek New Moon Ritual 

As I mentioned in the previous episode about the New Moon, the ancient Greeks had a lunar calendar and celebrated different gods on each day of the lunar cycle. There were auspicious days dedicated to certain activities and inauspicious days during which certain activities would be avoided.  

While we don’t know exactly how the ancient Greeks celebrated the full moon, we do know that it was dedicated to the moon goddesses Selene, Artemis and Hecate.  

In the sixth and final episode of this podcast series, I explain how to work with these three goddesses and the energy of the full moon to manifest the desires you’ve set up during the new moon.  

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:  

  • How to work with the moon goddesses – Selene, Artemis, and Hecate 
  • A ‘Letting Go’ declaration to use during your full moon ritual 
  • A “witchy” practice to fully surrender your desires to the goddesses 
  • The Orphic hymn to Selene to use during your ritual 

Click here to learn how to surrender your expectations of results and let the Universe support you during the full moon.

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