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Affirmations to Attract Money | Daily Affirmations for Abundance
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One of the limiting beliefs that has blocked me from manifesting more money and abundance goes like this:  

“Wanting more money seems selfish. Why should I ask for more when others have so little? It makes me feel greedy and guilty.”  

Have you found yourself thinking something similar? The reason this is a common limiting belief among lightworkers is because we’re sensitive, empathic people who’re really in tune with others’ emotions.  

Because we’re able to sense other people’s fears, pains, and struggles in a heightened way, we often unconsciously make ourselves smaller to make them feel better.  

However, making ourselves smaller doesn’t create a solution for them. Rather, it makes the problem bigger! 

A more positive approach would be to raise ourselves up, manifest abundance, and then help or show others how to do the same. Makes sense, right?  

In the Millionaire Mindset online workshop this coming Sunday, I’ll guide you through powerful cognitive and energetic practices to unprogram limiting money beliefs and become a magnet for infinite abundance. Click here to reserve your seat.

To help you kickstart your Millionaire Mindset transformation, I recorded a 10-minute affirmations video that you can listen to daily to start your day feeling abundant! This is the first video in my brand new Daily Positive Affirmations YouTube series.  

Click here to listen to my top affirmations for manifesting money.

Make sure to bookmark this video and listen to it daily for at least 21 days, to reprogramme your money beliefs.  

Are you ready for a new spiritual journey? Take this 2-minute quiz to find out what your next spiritual transformation will be about.  

Watch the entire Daily Positive Affirmations series:   

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