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While I always believed that practicing positive affirmations could aid in manifesting wealth, love, friendships, and numerous other things, I was never completely convinced that positive affirmations could have a significant impact on improving our health.

Deeply influenced by Western medicine, I would instinctively turn to over-the-counter and other medications whenever I fell ill. It wasn’t until I conducted my own research into the healthcare industry that I transitioned to homeopathy, holistic medicine, and energy healing.

Today, my approach to healing is quite balanced: When I fall ill, I always begin with the least invasive options, and depending on their effectiveness, I gradually progress to more invasive methods.

Typically, I start with energy healing and herbal medicine, then move on to homeopathic remedies. If none of these approaches work, I resort to Western medicine. Unlike many spiritual teachers, I don’t reject Western medicine. I believe that everything has its purpose as long as you trust your intuition and make informed decisions regarding your health.

Regardless of the healing pathway I choose, I have now developed the habit of complementing my healing journey with positive affirmations. I have compiled a list of my favorite health and wellbeing affirmations, which I repeat daily while looking at myself in the mirror.

These affirmations keep me calm, alleviate any discomfort caused by symptoms, and actively support my recovery by expediting its manifestation.

In the fourth video of my Positive Affirmations YouTube series, I share with you my list of health affirmations, so they can accompany you on your own healing journey.

Click here to listen to the affirmations that will help you manifest good health and wellbeing. 

I recommend dedicating at least 21 days to daily listening to this track, allowing yourself to reprogram your mindset and manifest good health.

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Watch the complete Daily Positive Affirmations series:

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