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One of the most common pieces of advice from spiritual teachers about pursuing your life purpose is to quit your soul-draining, “muggle” job and trust that the Universe will step in, making your dream career a reality.

I’m not like most spiritual teachers. I genuinely believe that quitting your full-time job to chase your purpose is the worst decision, especially at the outset.

Here’s why:

Imagine your purpose or dream career as a newborn baby. Would you expect a newborn to instantly start walking, talking, and becoming a productive member of society? Likely not. You recognize there’s a period during which the child must learn, err, improve, and continuously acquire knowledge.

From this viewpoint, why would you assume your newfound purpose would immediately generate income? Doesn’t it also need time to mature before it can do so?

My foremost advice regarding pursuing your purpose is to retain a steady job that pays the bills. Simultaneously, devote part-time effort to your purpose until it’s robust enough to sustain you.

At this point, the priority is securing a “muggle” job that doesn’t deplete your spirit but instead aligns with and bolsters your purpose. For instance, my first job was with a Mind-Body-Spirit publishing house. This allowed me to achieve stability while remaining in an industry aligned with my purpose.

If you’re at the initial stages of embracing your purpose and are on the lookout for a supportive job, I’ve curated a set of affirmations to guide you. These are my cherished affirmations for securing a new position or transitioning from your existing one, should that be your goal.

Click here to listen to my favourite affirmations for manifesting a new job (or improving your existing one).Β 

I recommend dedicating a minimum of 21 days to daily listening of this track to allow the affirmations to create a deeper transformation within you.

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