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It started with the ‘Magical Morning Practice,’ and then it turned into an obsession! (the best kind)

Let me explain.

Three years ago, I had Gala Darling on the podcast, and she introduced me to the Magical Morning Practice.

This is a spiritual practice you do at the start of the day that involves sending a voice message to a friend noting what you’re grateful for, your desires for the day in the past tense, and your desires for the future in the past tense.

I immediately got on board and committed to doing the practice daily with one of my best friends. It worked so well that I ended up adding more gratitude practices to my day.

Specifically, I now have four daily gratitude practices with four of my best friends:

  1. I do the Magical Morning Practice at the start of the day.
  2. I do a midday gratitude practice during which I say what I’m grateful for so far in the day.
  3. I have two evening practices: In the first one, I say what I’m grateful for throughout the day, and in the second one, I talk about my ultimate highlight of the day.

I’ve been going strong with these practices for more than two years now, and they’ve completely upleveled my life!

Gratitude is a transmuting emotion. When you experience something negative, it gives you the opportunity to transmute that emotion by being grateful for overcoming or learning from the situation. Conversely, it also allows you to amplify positive emotions and experiences.

To help you start your day on a positive note, I’ve recorded a 5-minute audio sharing my top affirmations for gratitude. This will help you get started with gratitude or complement your existing gratitude practice.

Click here to listen to my top affirmations for gratitude.

Are you ready for a new spiritual journey? Take this 2-minute quiz to find out what your next spiritual transformation will be about.

Watch the complete Daily Positive Affirmations series:

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