Affirmation for Family Healing
10-Minute Affirmations for Family Healing πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
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You know, one of the most frustrating things we grapple with on our spiritual journey is dealing with our family relationships.

I mean, they can really get under our skinβ€”triggering us, annoying us, and even sometimes leaving us feeling totally traumatized. But you know what’s wild? Despite all that, deep down we realize we actually picked our family members before this lifetime because, on a soul level, they’re incredible teachers showing us the lessons we signed up for.

I’ve got my own story with this, especially when it comes to my dad. Sometimes our similar personalities made it smooth sailing, especially when we chatted about career and money. But then, oh boy, did we butt heads on a ton of other stuffβ€”our values, our spiritual beliefs, and don’t even get me started on social issues.

The real kicker? Trying to see beyond my hurt feelings and emotional triggers, and understanding that this family dynamic was actually a soul-choice thing for growth and learning. Man, that was tough.

What got me through was my spiritual practice. It helped me tap into my higher self and see things from a totally different angle.

Speaking of which, I recorded a 10-minute YouTube video with my favourite affirmations for family healing. I swear by ’em. You should totally check it out.

Click here to listen to the affirmations to create lasting healing within your family.Β 

Give it at least 21 daysβ€”just a few minutes daily. You’ll be rewiring your thoughts, rewiring how you look at your family dynamics, and basically manifesting a healthier vibe in the family.

They’ll help you process all those triggers, turn around the bad vibes, and help you see beyond the everyday mess and into the bigger picture.

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Watch the complete Daily Positive Affirmations series:

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