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“Look at that freak!”, “You’re fat,” “You’re ugly.”

I can still hear the echoes of my bullies in my mind. Although it’s been more than 15 years, and I’ve done so much inner work to release them, they sometimes still manage to creep up on me.

My relationship with my body has always been tricky. Being overweight for the most part of my childhood and early teenage years, and looking different from other kids my age, I wasn’t simply bullied; I also bullied myself.

I believe that’s when my perfectionism started, and it’s accompanied me in varying degrees until the present time.

My relationship with my weight has been particularly tricky. I suffered from mild anorexia when I was 15 years old, but thankfully, my mum noticed and took me to a dietitian who immediately put me on a weight-gain diet. In my twenties, I went through a phase of extreme dieting and fasting, believing that being skinny would get me the acceptance I longed for.

Today, my relationship with my body and weight has thankfully improved. Yet, I still suffer from body dysmorphia, and my sense of self-esteem is closely tied to my weight and my exercise habits.

What has helped me tremendously improve my relationship with my body over the years β€” aside from doing the inner work to heal my past traumas and limiting experiences β€” were positive affirmations focused on my body.

Simply speaking in a loving way about my body, weight, and my looks helped me transcend negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and supported me during the deeper inner-work practices.

To help you improve your relationship with yourself, your body, your weight, etc., I’ve recorded a 10-minute affirmations video sharing my favorite affirmations for beauty.

Click here to listen to my favorite affirmations for beauty, body positivity, and self-esteem.Β 

While these affirmations won’t do the inner work for you, they’ll give you the comfort and courage you need to keep on healing and improving your relationship with your body.

I recommend dedicating a minimum of 21 days to daily listening of this track to allow the affirmations to create a deeper transformation within you.

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Watch the complete Daily Positive Affirmations series:

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