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The Frequency of Money and Wealth πŸ’° | Pamela Chen
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I know, I know, I’ve been sharing so many tools and practices with you over the past few months about adopting a money mindset, but I have another one. And it’s a good one.

Here’s a recap of all the practices I’ve shared so far, in case you missed them:

β€’ Money Flow – A 60-minute Energetic Clearing and Upgrade to Manifest Consistent Financial Abundance.
β€’ Money Magnet – A 60-Minute Energetic Upgrade to Align With the Frequency of Money and Manifest Infinite Financial Abundance.
β€’ Millionaire Mindset – A 60-Minute Journey to Clearing Limiting Beliefs and Ancestral Conditioning, and Manifest Infinite Abundance.
β€’ Daily Affirmations for Abundance – Free audio recording.

The reason I’m so passionate about helping you adopt a money mindset is that I know it will allow you to help more people and make a bigger impact in the world with your purpose!

I personally struggled with a lack and poverty mindset for years, and it took a lot of inner work, reprogramming, and energy work to cultivate abundance. Now that I’ve found tools and practices that work, I want to make sure you have them too. 😊

Most of the practices I’ve shared with you so far have been about releasing limiting beliefs about money. But creating new, positive money beliefs is equally, if not more, important.

That’s why in the latest episode of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, Pamela Chen and I talk about ways to nurture new money beliefs and align with the frequency of wealth.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The connection between race, privilege, and money.
  • A morning practice to boost your money mindset.
  • Ways to release limiting money beliefs.
  • The 4 realms of money manifestation.
  • The various wealth frequencies (and how to align with them).

Click here to learn Pamela’s practices for adopting a money mindset.

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