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Lightworker, I feel that healthy eating is such an underrated tool for spiritual growth. 

Personally, one of the most important steps I’ve had to take to uplevel my spiritual path, and something that I teach as part of my online course Intuition Mastery School, is making food choices that support rather than hinder my connection to Source. 

Think about it: Your body is a vessel for Source’s guidance. When you take care of it with healthy food, exercise, and sufficient self-care, it’ll naturally function at its best!

This means greater capacity to connect with your spirit guides. 

Feeling happy and high-vibe more often. 

Receiving clear signs from the Universe. 

Having mental and emotional clarity as to the steps you have to take to follow your purpose. 

Yes, spiritual techniques and processes are essential in your spiritual path, but they can only take you as far. To go further, you need to ensure that your entire lifestyle (including the food you put inside your body) supports your spiritual growth. 

OK – rant over, I’m starting to sound like your mum! Let’s get to business. 

In this podcast episode, I’ve interviewed the bestselling author of Party In Your Plants, Talia Pollock. Talia’s magic has to do with simplifying healthy eating, with habits, hacks, and practices that’ll allow you to eat healthily without having to cook for hours! 

And, let me tell you – as someone who hates cooking, I actually had SO much fun making these recipes. 🙂 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this interview: 

  • Why is it hard to eat healthy?
  • What are the steps we need to take, or routines we need to set, to eat healthier?
  • What are your top problem-solving strategies to eating healthier?
  • What can we do to save time cooking? 

Watch the episode to learn easy plant-based recipes, hacks, and habits.

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