Chakras for Beginners
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Did you know that you have an energy immune system?  

This consists primarily of your seven chakras and auric layers, and it’s a bridge between your physical and spiritual presence.  

In my private psychic clearing sessions, I always start by scanning the chakras and aura to identify blocks and impurities. In the chakras, I often find psychic daggers, karmic vows, and contracts, as well as toxic cords of attachment to people, places, and past lives.  

These energetic blocks not only hinder the flow of energy through your body, but they also pollute your energy field with thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, that aren’t really ours.  

Consequently, clearing and energizing your chakras is a powerful (and essential!) step you can take to heal your mind and body and to follow your life purpose. 

In this week’s YouTube video, I give you a crash course on chakras – what they are, how they work, and how to clear and energize them.  

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:  

  • The anatomy of your chakras 
  • The connection between your chakras and aura 
  • Ways your chakras get blocked 
  • How to clear and activate your chakras

Click here to watch the video and learn how to clear and energize your chakras.

I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing the three most common types of negative energy and how to protect yourself from them. Download it at   

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