3 Most Effective Manifestation Methods
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re you a conscious or passive manifestor?

Being a conscious manifestor means that you have a series of manifestation practices that you use consistently to leverage the Law of Attraction in manifesting your desires. 

Conversely, being a passive manifestor means that you manifest by default. i.e. you let your exposure to life’s experiences determine your vibrational frequency, and let that vibration manifest your life. 

If you’re a passive manifestor, it’s probably because of one of the following two reasons: 

  1. You’ve tried consciously manifesting your desires and didn’t have much success with it
  2. You’re just lazy. ? Manifestation sounds like a useful thing to do but you “just don’t have time” for it. 

Which one sounds more like you? 

Whatever stage you are in your manifestation journey, the final of five videos in my Law of Attraction series will equip you with my 3 most effective processes to master manifestation. 

If you’re a conscious manifestor, these processes will help you fine tune your practice and maybe teach you new ones. 

If you’re a passive manifestor, these three processes will show you that manifestation isn’t that hard after all – you just didn’t have the right processes to make it work! 

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • What most teachers get wrong about the Law of Attraction
  • A soulful way of using the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires
  • Tips and tricks of upleveling your existing manifestation processes
  • Step-by-step guidance on successfully implementing the 3 processes

Click here to watch the video to learn my 3 most effective manifestation processes

Law of Attraction Training Series:

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