Space Clearing in London

How do you feel while being in your house? Do you feel energised and inspired to follow your life purpose, or do you feel lethargic and un-motivated? Is your house a space you love spending time in, or do you opt to spending time outside at every chance you get?

If your house doesn’t feel positive and inviting, Space Clearing may be just what it needs.

Space Clearing is a form of house-therapy. It’s the process of clearing your house of stagnant, foreign, negative energy, and instilling it with positive energy that’s tailored to your specific goals, desires, and life purpose.

Space Clearing your house is also key to finding and fulfilling your life purpose.

This is because your house has power over you. If you’ve changed spiritually but your house hasn’t, it’ll eventually drag you back to your old ways and prevent you from moving forward.

How Space Clearing Works

For my Bachelors’ degree in Human Geography thesis, I studied the construction of memory in physical space. In my research, I’ve found that memory is both naturally- and purposely-constructed in space. We can build memory with the use of colours, structure, and symbolism in our environment, but space also has the ability to absorb our experiences and store them in its ethers as memories.

This means that if your house hasn’t been space cleared before, it holds memories of everything you’ve been through while living there, and memories of every single person who’s lived there since the beginning of time.

In Space Clearing we use sound, smoke, water, and your personal symbolism to neutralise the energy of your house, and infuse it with energy that matches the person you’ve become, and where you want to go.

Your House Needs Space Clearing if…

  • Your house has never been cleared before.
  • You’ve moved into a new house.
  • You’re considering moving house.
  • You feel sad and lethargic in your house.
  • You feel stuck in one or more areas of your life.
  • You’ve gone through a tough time in your life and want to start afresh.
  • There’s been a death in the family.
  • You’ve been through a long period of illness.
  • You’re trying to discover or move forward in your life purpose.
  • You’re trying to manifest something specific in your life.

My Space Clearing Training

I’ve studied space clearing with the teacher who coined the term, Denise Linn to become a Certified Elemental Space Clearer©. As part of the course I received training on the whole array of space clearing techniques, its history, practices, and mudras, and have completed 18 space clearing case studies.

Furthermore, as part of my 3-year bachelors degree in Human Geography at the University of Bristol, I’ve researched the relationships between people and space. Specifically, I focused on the relationship between memory and space; how it works, and how we can manipulate it.

Space Clearing Your House

Here’s how a typical Space Clearing ceremony will unfold:

  1. We’ll start with a one-hour Skype interview where we’ll explore your relationship with your house, your dreams, desires, what you’d like to attract, and what you’d like to release from your life. You’ll provide me with a hand-drawn map of the house that I’ll use to study its energy psychically.
  2. Following the initial interview, I’ll use the map and what we’ve discussed to create a personalised Space Clearing ceremony to perform at your house. I’ll choose tools, colours, candles, blessings, and mudras tailored to you and your house, and create a personalised altar that brings your desires to life.
  3. On the day of the clearing, I’ll come to your house and perform the space clearing ritual, in ceremony. You’ll be able to watch and participate in the clearing, and in the end I’ll provide you with a space-clearing gift to help you preserve the energy we’ve created, moving forward.




Rebecca Campbell

“I recommend George for anyone who wants to turn their home into a sacred place. We were blessed to have him come and give a house clearing (which felt more like a house blessing!) and are still feeling the results.”

Rebecca Campbell, Bestselling author of Light Is The New Black


Lisa Lister

“My living space was feeling heavy and stagnant, my husband and I weren’t sleeping well and the cat was crazy a LOT of the time. I purged the things I no longer needed, I smudged and filled it with crystals, yet it still felt dark every time I entered. George, through careful questioning, was able to get to the root cause of the darkness within ten minutes of us both talking – that’s how good this dude is.

I’m struggling to find words to describe the magic that George creates in his space clearing sessions, but just know that it IS magic. Hours after the session, I returned to the house and the cat was asleep in the living room and didn’t even stir when we walked through the door, our sleep is much better and undisturbed and I actually love working from home now. George is not only a magician when it comes to space clearing, he should also add ‘calming cats’ to his job description too!”

Lisa Lister, Author of Love Your Lady Landscape


Britney Brix

“Without a shadow of a doubt, George is a healer! He came into my life when I was at a crossroads – unsure about my career path, love life, whether I should stay in London or move back to California – I was lost. Even over email, I could tell George was special. He was kind, thoughtful and just real. Through our online consolation and eventually our space clearing, I was reborn. Never more clear of who I am, what I’m here to do and what’s right for me, I can honestly say I have George to thank for this renewed state of bliss and contentment. I highly recommend a session with him. You’ll never regret it – or be the same!”

Britney Brix, London


Katie Brockhurst

“George came to visit my home for space clearing at the start of 2016. I wanted to clear some of the stagnant energies, some of my patterns and things keeping me stuck, and allow my home (of 5 years) to support me in creating change and movement in my life. I had just returned from a big trip to Thailand and wasn’t sure where I wanted to be in my life, in the world, in my relationships.

This very special and spiritual space clearing session with George has helped to freshen up my home and my life, allowing for movement in obvious and more subtle ways. I have since been back to Thailand and am planning a third trip in the coming months! Over the past 6 months I have become aware of, and stopped, two major unconscious habits that I knew were keeping me stuck. And although I’m still relatively early in this journey I can feel more movement and more change coming, which will allow for all my greatest dreams to come true – and I know the space clearing was all a part of that magic. THANK YOU GEORGE!”

Katie Brockhurst, Social Media Angel


Michelle Hubbard

“I haven’t slept so well in ages, my partner and I feel even more connected and I finally feel a shift in my financial situation. Having our home cleared by George was both a healing and joyful experience. The care that he took to understand our current situation and the love that he showed in bringing forth our intentions through the clearing felt so authentic and divinely guided. George is a one of a kind love filled being, and I would recommend him highly, in fact two of my friends have already taken up my recommendation! Not only will he clear your space but he will also infuse it with so much love. The best experience I could have hoped for, in fact better.”

Michelle Hubbard, Hove, UK



“I had been wanting to move into a new flat for quite some time, and after a year of attracting it I seemed to have found the perfect studio to move into. Not surprisingly though, getting it was quite an ordeal with agents, previous tenants, landlords etc. After successfully booking the place and moving in, I had found out that a couple of bad things had happened in the new flat, and the energy around it felt cold and uninviting.

That’s when I decided to call George to perform a space clearing. The whole process was very easy, and comfortable, something anyone could fit into their busy urban lifestyle if they wanted to. George was very easy to speak to, and very keen to answer any questions before proceeding with the clearing. I was surprised to see that the clearing was actually quite interactive, with George guiding me through the different process we were going through.

After about a week, the flat started feeling more inviting, more refreshed and cosier. I believe that the space clearing done by George was an invaluable step in turning this house into a home. Would definitely highly recommend it.”

Val Ioannou, London


“I asked George to perform a space clearing on my home, as even though I knew the principles I needed someone who could clear the old stagnant energy in my home that I had gotten used to. George took his time to listen to what I was looking for in my life and intuitively knew what I needed.

When it came to the space clearing itself, the ceremony that he performed was beautifully done. He took time to explain what he was doing as well as involve me in the clearing.Since the clear the home has felt more welcoming and I have started to move forward in my life with great ease.”

Terry Bowen, Medium & Coach


Book Your Space Clearing

I currently provide in-house space clearings in London, and distant space clearings anywhere in the world.

In a distant space clearing, we go through the same first two steps as described earlier, but rather than me performing the clearing in your house I film myself performing your clearing in my office, and send you the video to watch in your own time, and play to the house.

I have extensive experience in both in-house and distant space clearings, and both work equally well.

For pricing, questions, and to book your space clearing email me at georgelizos [at] outlook [dot] com.