Write the Freakin’ Book



You have a book in you that begs to be written.

You’ve been wanting to write it since forever, but haven’t gotten around doing so yet. Every January you promise yourself you’ll get it written in the New Year, and by December you’ve barely come up with the title…

I hear you; I’ve been there. Before working in the book publishing industry I was clueless as to how it all worked, or how to go about publishing my first book, Be The Guru.

That's why I know exactly how it feels to know you’re supposed to write a book but being clueless as to how to go about it.

In this live, online, 2-hour masterclass, I’ll break down how publishing works, help you come up with your book idea, write a book proposal, and pitch it to publishers.

Inside this 2-hour workshop, I’ll walk you through:

  1. The 3 Types of Publishers & What They Look For
  2. The Exact Process I’ve Used to Translate my Life’s Experiences into a Book
  3. The Elements of a Bestselling Spiritual Book
  4. The Components of a Book Proposal that Publishers Say ‘Hell Yeah!’ to
  5. A Game-Changing Formula for Writing the Perfect Pitch to Publishers and Agents

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