Write the Freakin’ Book


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In Write the Freakin’ Book , I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned to equip you with a toolkit to making your spiritual book dream a reality. Specifically, in this online, 2-hour masterclass, I’ll break down how publishing works, help you come up with your book idea, write a book proposal, and pitch it to publishers. 

Inside this transformational 2-hour workshop, you'll get to learn.

  1. The 3 Types of Publishers & What They Look For
  2. The Elements of a Bestselling Spiritual Book
  3. The Exact Process I’ve Used to Translate my Life’s Experiences into a Book
  4. The Components of a Book Proposal that Publishers Say ‘Hell Yes!’ to

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to structure your life’s experiences and knowledge into a book, know how the publishing industry works or what publishers look for, know how to write your book proposal and how to approach publishers to pitch your book.

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