Spiritual Business Mentoring Session



In this 50-minute session, I'll share with your energetic and practical tools, systems, and strategies to help you develop a thriving spiritual business.

Whether you're just starting out on your intuitive, healing, or wellness business, or wish to uplevel your existing business strategy, I'll draw from my 10+ years running a thriving spiritual business, to help you breakthrough. Running a spiritual business is very different from running any other business. The popular strategies taught by most business coaches don't always translate to sensitive, intuitive, highly-empathic spiritual people, who quickly sense overly-salesy and manipulation tactics. 

Instead, successfully running a spiritual business requires empathy and open-heartedness. The focus isn't just to make money, but to help create a positive impact in people's lives and in the world. Brought up in an entrepreneurial family while being firmly rooted in my spirituality, I've always sought to find the balance between the two. I hold a Masters in Business Management from Imperial College London and have also developed my own spiritual business from the ground up.

Having worked for a popular Mind Body Spirit publisher and also self-published, hybrid published, and traditionally published my own books, I also have a wide background in book publishing and I'm passionate about helping spiritual entrepreneurs grow their businesses by writing and publishing best-selling books.

Here's what we could work on: 

  • Getting clear on, and attracting your ideal audience
  • Creating the right offerings for your audience (which guarantees sales!)
  • Figuring out how to price your offerings correctly
  • Finding the balance between free vs. paid content
  • Learning the whats and hows of running an online spiritual business (i.e. websites, payment platforms, email marketing, etc)
  • Growing your social media following organically (no spam or manipulation tactics)
  • Writing and publishing best-selling books

Additionally, I'll share with you powerful energetic processes to attract the right people and opportunities to your business.

*As soon as you've booked the session you'll receive an email with the Zoom link, and a link to my calendar to schedule it.

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