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The source of every single negative thought, emotion or experience is found in the basic fear of, “I am not loveable.” Somehow, along our human experience we came to dissipate from the naturally loving and pure-positive beings we really are, and let the specifics of our physical reality, as well as other people’s opinions and actions get in the way of our own authenticity. As a result, we have invested so much time and energy in believing other people’s beliefs about us, that we ended up creating relationships and experiences that circulate around this basic fear of unloveability.

“I am not loveable, therefore, I need my partner to sure-up my loveability through words and actions. Because I am not loveable, I don’t believe I can thrive in an occupation that truly resonates with my talents. I am victimized by people and society because, in my belief that I am not loveable, I expect and allow other people to treat me in such a way. I can’t seem to find a boyfriend or girlfriend that appreciates me exactly as I am; because I don’t believe who I am is loveable enough to receive unconditional love.”

This is the back-story of every negative emotion, belief or experience that we face in our lives. The Law of Attraction ensures to back this basic fear up with similar-feeling beliefs, emotions and experiences, until there comes a point when we become so numb with negativity that we accept it as a natural part of life. In other words, we cultivate a negative momentum of attraction based on the basic fear of our unloveability, until we manifest such a plethora of experiences to support this self-inflicted fear, that we completely lose touch with the reality of who we really are.

The good news is that, now that you are aware of this basic fear surrounding all of your life’s misery, you have the power to change it. While I was taking a walk in the park last week, I was struck by a realization that helped me gain a quick and efficient access into the vortex of pure-love and worthiness that truly defines me, eradicating my fear of unloveability. As I absentmindedly stared at the verdant of the trees, I went into a state of trance and heard a voice whisper in my ears:

“You are loved. Close your eyes and open up your senses to the sounds and feelings of nature. The wind blowing against your face loves you, the leaf you just heard falling on the ground, lets you know that it loves you. The feeling of calm, ease and euphoria inspired from your surrounding environment, is clearly declaring its love towards you. You are loved from every single piece of consciousness around you, above you, and beneath you. You just have to tune into that love and let it assure you, nurture you, and guide you. Nature loves you, God loves you, it is time that you start loving yourself too.”

With that, I felt a surge of unconditional love flow through me, instilling me with the awareness of the infinite amount of love I always had access to, but pinched-off through the clutter of my insanely busy life. Most importantly, following my love-assuring spiritual encounter, I was re-awakened to the power of nature as a portal of aligning us with who we really are, and made a commitment to include nature-walks in my daily spiritual practice.

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