Why The World Didn’t End in 2012 (and what ended instead)
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You’ve seen the movies, read the books, listened to the songs, talked about it, blogged about it, joked about it – and the time is finally here. We’re just a few days away from 21/12/12, the last day of the Mayan Calendar and the supposed ‘end of the world’. Even though the mystery behind the Mayans’ decision to end their calendar on that particular point in time is still uncertain, the subject has attracted a great deal of attention with speculations ranging from the literal end of the world through cataclysmic events, to a spiritual awakening that’s supposed to ascend our planet to a higher frequency.

My personal research on the matter as well as the messages I have been receiving in my personal meditations resonate more with the second perspective, advocating a paradigm shift that’s going to lead human consciousness to a positive spiritual awakening. This New Age perspective puts forward the view that the end of the Mayan calendar is simply symbolic of the end of a paradigm based on fear, dis-empowerment and victimization and the beginning of a new paradigm based on love, freedom and self-empowerment.

The most fundamental understanding behind this new era is the realization that we are all part of a single, interconnected stream of consciousness that is Source (God). The belief in separation is an illusion of our ego that we had to take on to facilitate the smooth working of the game of life that we’ve signed up for. Before we incarnated into our physical bodies we understood that we were part of an infinite stream of consciousness defined by love and intelligence. We reveled in the understanding of our perfection and our ability to use the Law of Attraction to expand that which we are, and so we decided to express ourselves in a physical time-space reality where we could use our creative abilities to mix and mingle with others like us, launch desires and take consciousness to places it has never been before. Even though we knew we would be expressing ourselves in different forms, living or inanimate, we understood that we would always be connected to every piece of consciousness in the universe, and therefore, we would always be connected to our non-physical aspect, for we are all One.

Over the last few decades more and more people have been enlightened to this understanding and as of 21/12/2012 new energies will be injected into our planet, taking this awakening to an even greater level. It is my desire that the following meditative visualization will guide you into integrating this understanding in your life, and ease your transition into this new era. You may do the meditation as many times as you would like before or after the paradigm shift, to awaken yourself to the energy of the new paradigm, although it would be most ideal to do it on the actual day and time of this cosmic moment: At 11:11 GMT on the 21st of December, 2012.

Oneness Attunement Meditation


We are flames of the same sun

1) Find a comfortable place where you can sit down and relax. Close your eyes and imagine you are surrounded by seven bright angels. Angels are the messengers of God and it is their prime aim to ensure that the transition takes place in a smooth and effective way.

2) Imagine the angels extending their hands towards you, each one sending a different colour of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) towards your solar plexus chakra. Each colour of the rainbow has a different vibrational frequency with different healing abilities and corresponds to one of your seven chakras. The seven chakras represent the connection between your physical and non-physical perspectives, and therefore, keeping them balanced ensures the smooth blending between you and You.  The solar plexus chakra is the middle point of your chakras and represents your willpower. It is therefore directly related to the inner strength required to transition into the new era.

3) Slowly first and then gradually accelerating, visualize the seven angels moving around you in a circle. As they speed up you notice the light being sent to your solar plexus chakra forming into a white energy ball that expands outwards.

4) Eventually, the angels are spinning around you with such great speed that you can’t even see them anymore. What you can see vividly is the white energy ball at your solar plexus chakra expanding more and more to form a protective, thick shield of white light around your body. White light is composed of all seven colours of the rainbow and it represents the purest form of life-force energy, the essence of who we all really are. The white light cleanses away all negativity and leaves you feeling relaxed and uplifted.

5) As the light expands it starts to fill in the whole room and before you know it, it envelops your entire neighborhood. You suddenly start feeling more connected to your neighbours, the trees, the flowers and animals all around your house. You realize you are connected to everything because everything’s composed of the same core substance – love and light.

6) The light keeps growing to envelop the whole city, country, the continent you are in and finally it grows on to encompass the whole world. You are one with the mountains and lakes, the oceans, the sky and all nature. Your consciousness has now expanded to such an extent that it blends in with the consciousness of every single person in the world. No matter the race, class, religion or any other characteristics of the people in our planet, you now understand that we are all just different flames of a single sun.

7) Take some time to really embody this deep feeling of love and empathy towards the entire planet and then allow the white light to expand further outwards to encompass the entire universe. You are feeling love, peace and an unwavering sense of empowerment arising from the realization that you are no longer a helpless victim of a cruel, chaotic world. You now know that you are One with the stream of consciousness that is God and you have the power, through your thoughts and emotions to take conscious control over your life and be the powerful creator that you always intended to be.

8) Relax into this state of being for a few minutes and bathe in the feeling of love and self-empowerment. When you are ready, open your eyes and smile. You have just taken the first step to attuning yourself to a bright and glorious future defined by love, freedom and self-empowerment. It is now up to you to internalize this newfound awareness and let it permeate every aspect of your life.

May love always be your truth.

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