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Where to Live Based on Astrology | Astrocartography Lines Explained
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As soon as I stepped off the plane in Granada, Spain, I felt at home. Even though I’d never physically been there before, everything about the city felt familiar.

In the following seven days that I’d spent there, I found myself walking through streets I’d never walked before, and yet knew exactly where they’d lead and what I’d find there. When ordering tapas, I’d instinctively pick my “favourite dishes” even though I’d never tried them before, and I’d even get memory flashes of time spent in houses and monuments I’d never physically seen in my life.

It became blatantly obvious that I’d had past lives in the city, and I was excited to explore them! For the following week, I’d lead myself on a past-life regression daily. And, every single day, I’d find myself regressing to a different past life in Granada.

Aside from the energetic cords we have to people in our lives, we also have energetic cords to all the places we’ve had significant experiences at, whether these are present- or past-life locations.

While I loved exploring my connection to Spain via past-life regression (you can book a past-life regression session with me here), I was interested to see what astrology had to say about it!

Astrocartography is a form of locational astrology by which specific geographic locations are associated with personal life circumstances.

In the latest episode of the Lit Up Lightworker podcast, I chat with astrologer Leslie Galbratih about ways of reading, understanding, and using our astrocartography lines to make informed choices when moving and traveling.

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:

  • What astrocartography is and how it can help you 
  • What the astrocartography lines mean 
  • The best and worst places to move to according to your chart 
  • How to resolve your karmic contracts with places and countries  
  • Why you’re drawn (or not) to certain places and locations

Click here to watch the episode and learn the best and worst places to visit according to astrology.

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