What is a Soul?
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What is the soul?

This is another one of life’s big questions that has been consistently presenting itself to me throughout my life and particularly in the last few weeks.  The soul is usually defined as the eternal part of us that’s inherently connected to and is part of our divine self, or God. Although we all have a soul it is not really solely ours for we are all interconnected in a web of energy that makes up all that is. Quantum physics has now proved that every single piece of consciousness in our universe is made up of the same vibrating form of energy, suggesting that we are all One with everything and everyone. Even though our body, personality and specific memories and characteristics are differentiated from all other forms of consciousness, our very core is the same.

This understanding unfolds the proposition that we are not simply material human bodies; that flesh and blood are not the sole components of our being but that we are also made up of a divine source of energy that constantly flows through us. In other words, you could say that we are hybrid beings living life between physicality and spirituality. We are physical extensions of Source energy, a way for God to express its magnificence in a physical time-space reality. Iyanla Vanzant defines the soul as “the fingerprint of God that becomes a physical body,” which in my opinion is a very simple and powerful analogy that summarizes our hybrid nature as well as the complex relationship between the soul and the physical body.

The story of creation

Why would God choose to express Himself in a physical way? To properly elucidate this question we first need to consider what God really is. Whether you decide to call it God, Source, Spirit or simply a higher power, I believe that God is defined by a single yet all-encompassing word: Love – a word that’s much more than just an emotion or a concept. It is more like an experience and a knowing of divine perfection and infinite intelligence accompanied by the feelings of elation, appreciation and empowerment. God is a multidimensional, pure-positive, all-loving energy that fills every single pore of consciousness in our universe.

What’s the fun in being so perfect and intelligent when you can’t express your magnificence in a physical way? More importantly, what are the chances of expanding that Universal consciousness when you are immaterial? Exhilarated by the idea of expanding its being-ness God decided to express Herself in a physical environment that would provide the necessary contrasting experiences to achieve that. Taking a look at our world or even at your own life, you will realize that it is abundant with contrast. With every experience or interaction that you have, negative or positive, you automatically launch a desire for improvement. You always ask for something more than what you already are/have, and at the moment this new desire is born within you the universe becomes more, because you have become more.

The realms of hybridity

Since our ontology is based on this contrasting physio-spiritual hybridity why is our society trying to achieve homogeneity? Our world is made up of a beautiful mosaic of differentiated beliefs, religions, institutions, ideas, interests and preferences that instead of being celebrated, they are placed upon stereotypical grids of normality that discriminate between right or wrong. As a result, we end up living lives of sameness and we deliberately keep ourselves apart from our natural inclination to embrace difference and engage in the deliciousness of expanding the universe through our diverse lifestyles.

I hope that by awakening to the ontology of your humanity as a hybrid blend of spirit and flesh, I triggered a shift of consciousness that liberates you from discriminating yourself against the stereotypical master narratives of our society. Instead, I hope that this awakening puts you in a never-ending state of liminality – a place where your identity remains uneasily undefined and is constantly being negotiated and re-presented, while you flow through the fascinating ride that life is supposed to be.

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