A Fairy Visualisation to Manifest Romantic Love
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In my recent trip to Glastonbury UK I realized that I’d closed my heart to love. I’m the kind of person that falls in love too soon, too hard. So when a relationship doesn’t work out, my first instinct is to erect a concrete wall around my heart and detach from all sorts of romantic encounters.

While meditating in the back garden of the little cottage I was renting a room in, in Glastonbury – one of the most beautiful rose gardens I’ve ever been to – things took an unexpected turn, and my heart burst wide open!

A Visit from the Rose Fairies

In my meditation I was visited by the flower fairies of the hundreds of roses I was surrounded with. They told me that if I wanted to attract unconditional love in my life, I had to be unconditionally open to receiving it. Yes, opening my heart would make me vulnerable to hurt and disappointment, but these emotions would also teach me valuable lessons that’d prepare me for the love I seek.

They told me to imagine that my heart is like a delicate pink rose. The wider the rose opens the more vulnerable it becomes to bugs and other predators, yet it also opens itself up to bees, that’ll fertilise and help it reach its full potential.

With this visual in mind, I watched as the fairies used pink light to dissolve the concrete wall, allowing the rose within my heart to bloom.

At that moment I felt a powerful energetic shift!

Opening My Heart

The more the rose in my heart opened the safer and more protected I felt in the cocoon of light it emitted. All my petty ego concerns about self-worth and failed relationships disappeared instantly, and I felt ready and empowered to experience more love in my life.

Manifesting more love came soon after I finished my meditation – in a story that should better stay untold – as the perfect confirmation for what I had experienced. Ever since, I use the fairies’ technique to open my heart every single day, acknowledging the potential for hurt and disappointment, but knowing that in the long term it will lead me to unconditional love.

How to Open Your Heart

To open your heart with the help of the rose fairies follow these steps:

  1. Surround yourself with rose energy. You can do this by visiting a rose garden, meditating with a rose, or simply visualize you are surrounded by roses.
  2. Visualise the fairies flying out of the roses and enveloping your heart. Mentally state that you are willing to open your heart to unconditional love, asking the fairies to guide the process.
  3. Watch as the fairies cast pink light on your heart chakra, dissolving any barriers around or within it that prevent the beautiful pink rose in its center to bloom.
  4. Observe as the rose within your heart begins to open. As it does, allow a sense of relief to come over you, as all your fears and concerns about past relationships melt away.
  5. Bask in the pink light that’s now emitted by your heart for as long as you like, allowing it to inspire and guide your journey.

Let me know in the comments below: Do you believe in fairies?

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