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🧛 The ‘Vampire Diaries’ Method of Closing/Opening Your Heart
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Remember how Damon used to turn his humanity on and off in The Vampire Diaries? 🧛🏻‍♂️ I was inspired by his ability to switch his emotions on or off at will, so I decided to try it myself. One day, feeling overwhelmed by emotion, I closed my eyes, placed my hands on my chest, and visualized my heart chakra closing shut. 🚪  

(specifically, I visualized my heart chakra as a lotus flower 🪷 closing up) 
To my surprise, it worked! The overwhelming feelings disappeared, allowing me to focus on my tasks for the day. I felt a sense of empowerment. However, I didn’t realize at the time that rather than resolving my feelings, I was merely suppressing them. 

Since then, I’ve used this process multiple times to shut down my emotions and concentrate on work, especially when dealing with romantic feelings. Whenever the anxiety of relationships became too much, I would simply “turn off” my humanity and move on. 

While this compartmentalization process can be helpful at times, I’ve since realized it can be detrimental when overused. Shutting down your emotions may help you get things done, but eventually, it will hinder your inner growth and, ultimately, your joy. 
I won’t lie—I’ve used this process recently, hence this post. However, I am now making a conscious effort to resist it and keep my heart open. ♥️ 
Have you done something similar? 

One of the practices I use in my Psychic Clearing sessions, is identifying the past traumatic experiences, karmic contracts, and mother/father wounds that are usually at the core of emotional repression. Using psychic surgery practices, I guide clients (and in this case, myself, too) to heal and release these unhelpful attachments and adopt healthier ways of processing their emotions.  

I guess the moral of this story is, use the Damon Salvatore method sparingly when you’re overwhelmed by emotion but have to show up for something or someone else, but don’t get depended on it. Instead, when you feel safe create the time and space to sit with, and properly process your emotions.  

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