Spirituality Vs. Religion: How to Choose the Right One For You
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Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity brought up a lot for people, including me. Personally, it was a journey making peace with it, but for the most part I loved that it got us all talking about religion, spirituality, and the difference between them.

I’ve personally experienced both. I was brought up Orthodox Christian, converted to spirituality, and currently transitioned to Greek Polytheism, which is somewhere in the boundary of religion and spirituality.

Having experienced both two sides and the inbetween, I’ve come to realise that they all lead to the same destination: love

However, whether you get to the destination or not depends entirely on you and how you use your chosen path.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • The difference between religion and spirituality
  • The factors you need to consider to choose the right path for you
  • How to spot if someone’s fallen off their path, and how to avoid doing so yourself

Having watched the video, leave me a comment below letting me know: Are you religious or spiritual? And what’s your opinion about the difference between the two?


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