The Spiritual Way Out of a Financial Crisis
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Politics and spirituality don’t mix. This has been my belief for as long as I’ve been on the spiritual path, yet over the past few days I’ve been getting intense impulses to respond on the banking crisis taking place around the world, and especially in Cyprus. Pondering on the two seemingly contrasting subjects I was surprised to find common grounds. Spirituality is about being a visionary and politics is about taking action – the two concepts don’t simply complement each other but are indispensable to each other’s success.

Albert Einstein rightly said that “Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” In a similar way, spirituality can help us formulate a preview of politics’ future attractions. The idea that we are the creators of our own reality is now widely accepted and people are awakening to their ability of thinking their future into creation. We are finally realizing that we are not powerless, but we have the power right now to affect the course of our future. Thought by thought we can literally mold the energy of our life’s experiences and cause immediate healing and transformation.

Inspired by my newfound understanding, I’ve put together a short list of powerful spiritual processes that we can all use to actively improve the financial well-being of our economy.

Hit your knees and pray: The transformative powers of prayer have been documented not just in spiritual texts but increasingly by scientific papers too. In particular, research carried out in 1988 Lebanon has proved that it only takes the square root of 1% of the world’s population to change any present or future event. It is vital to note that, the power of prayer lies not in the asking for an improved situation from a place of lack and disempowerment, but instead from a place of affirmation and trust that help is on the way and all will be well. In simple words, hit your knees and affirm that financial improvement is on its way.

Keep calm and observe history: Economic recessions have always been part of the world’s economies. The business cycle is a well-known economic diagram suggesting that a period of financial abundance is always followed by a recession vice versa. Taking a look at the world’s histories you’ll find out that economic depressions come and go, but in the long-run all is well. Trust in the big picture and be patient.

Think positive: Famous psychologist Carl Jung said that “you cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.” In this respect, how can we find a solution when we keep talking, complaining, blogging, texting, facebooking and tweeting about the problem? The two of them are emotionally too far apart, and the longer we keep focusing on the problem the more we prolong it and the farthest away we move from the solution. Solutions require clear, positive and forward-looking minds that are willing to ignore reality and dream for a better future.

Love and light: Many religions and spiritual modalities suggest that we are made out of love and light. Quantum physicists have now proved that every single particle in the universe is vibration, energy and therefore, light. This pure-positive, all-loving light energy is found in all forms of consciousness and is responsible for driving our planet. Because everything is connected in this energetic web of love and light, we have the power to mentally transmit it to any person, circumstance or experience. The simple act of visualizing loving white light enveloping our politicians, jobs, financial and banking systems does wonders in ensuring that the right decisions will be made.

The harder the blow the greater the rebound: The greatest successes have come out of extreme hardship and deprivation. How many times have you heard stories of people hitting bottom before they could make a fortune? Negative experiences are what drive our desire to succeed. In fact, without failure there could never be success for the two are indispensable to each other’s definition.  Therefore, instead of approaching the financial crisis as a negative situation, decide to see it as a stepping point to your thriving. An experience that will allow you to clarify and strengthen your desires so that you can start dreaming and scheming for the abundance that must follow.

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