signs from loved ones in heaven
👼🏾 Signs From Loved Ones in Heaven
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Last year, my dad passed away from cancer. Our relationship had always been complicated and I knew we wouldn’t have the time to work through our issues in this lifetime. He knew it as well, and it all played out the night he passed away.

He was in a comatose state in the hospital when I visited him for the last time. He’d been gradually drifting away but I knew he could still hear me. I sensed he was holding on due to our unresolved issues. He didn’t want to go before we’d “settled” things between us. And so, I put all our issues aside and spoke to him from my heart.

I told him that our time together in this format may be coming to an end, but we’d still have a relationship following his transition; in a different way. “It’s my job to communicate with the dead, dad; we’ll keep on chatting!” I said jokingly in that final exchange.

I kissed him, walked out of the room, and he transitioned 10 minutes later.

Since then, I’ve had several conversations with my dad through signs, dream visitations, and telepathic communication, working through our issues.

Communicating with the spirit world isn’t as scary as it sounds. While the physical body may not be here anymore, the soul never leaves. Our departed loved ones are still interested in our relationships and are eager to interact with us.

In this week’s episode on The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, Australia’s #1 TikTok medium Cael O’Donnell, shares guidance on communicating with our departed loved ones.

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self
  • The reason you often can’t hear messages from spirit
  • How to receive clear signs from your departed loved ones
  • Ways to feel closer to your loved ones in heaven

Click here to watch the full episode and learn how to communicate with your departed loved ones. 

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