Recovering from Burnout: 3 Easy Ways to Replenish Your Energy Levels
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Around this time last year I had a burnout.I woke up in the morning intending to go to work but my body just wouldn’t move. I’d exhausted myself to such a great degree that my muscles were paralysed.

Have you experienced this before?

It seems that many people go through different stages of mental or physical fatigue; and that’s because we live in a society that glorifies masculine energy and looks down upon feminine energy. Therefore, we overwork ourselves.

My burnout was a big wakeup call for me, urging me to live a more balanced life. But today I want to share with you the 3 steps that I took immediately after it, to recalibrate my body.

You can use these easy steps to recover from burnout, or give yourself an energy boost any time you need it.

#1 – Go for a Nature Walk

Every piece of consciousness in the natural world is like a portal of life-force energy. Nature spews out Source energy 24/7. By placing your physical body in the natural world, you allow nature’s aura to wash through you, clear away all toxic energy and recalibrate your body back to its most vital state.

Just ten minutes out in nature is enough to clear your aura and feel totally refreshed.

#2 – Take a Himalayan Salt Bath

Did you know that taking a pink Himalayan salt bath detoxifies your body, soothes away soreness, balances your Ph levels, and instills your body with 80+ minerals? I certainly didn’t until I researched its benefits a few months ago, and I was mind-blown!

Now, I made the commitment of taking a pink Himalayan salt bath at least once a month. It works wonders on both my physical and etheric bodies, to flash away all that is no longer needed and push the reset button on my energy levels.

#3 – Give Yourself Energy Healing

There is a misconception that you need to be a professional energy healer to give yourself energy healing. Let me just tell you that it’s just that: a misconception. Life-force energy is everywhere, and anyone has the power to tap into, and benefit from it. Life-force energy is the energy that makes the world go round. It’s in everything and everyone. We’re literally physical extensions of life-force energy, so there is no reason to not being able to channel it at will.

All you need to do to give yourself energy healing is to visualise life-force energy flowing through your crown chakra, into your heart, out through your hands, and then place your hands anywhere that feels right on your body, allowing the energy to flow through.

I give myself energy healing daily now, and it’s my absolute secret for maintaining high energy levels at all times.


After you watch the video, leave a comment below letting me know: Have you experienced burnout before? What do you do immediately after to deal with it?


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