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I’ve always believed that all the answers we seek are in nature. 

I’ve witnessed it both physically and spiritually. While studying Geography at university I learned about the powerful processes through which the earth shapes and cleanses our planet. 

Later in life, while connecting with nature spirits and elementals on an energetic level, I learned that each plant, flower, tree, in fact, every single piece of consciousness in the natural world, has spirit, consciousness, and a unique kind of medicine. 

Literally, anything you may be going through there’s a flower, plant, or tree that you can connect with to experience deep healing. 

Personally, over the past 12 months, I’ve benefited from the healing power of flowers by taking flower essences. Each month, I worked with the essence of a different flower that helped me release deep-seated limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns, thus prodding my spiritual growth and ascension. 

There are multiple ways to benefit from the medicinal qualities of plants. 

We can ingest them.

Use them for aromatherapy. 

Work with their essence in flower elixirs.

Bring them into our houses. 

Meditate with them. 

And so much more!

In this interview with shamanic practitioner Nichol Altman, we talk about connecting with plant spirit to experience inner healing and transformation. 

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn: 

  • Various ways of connecting with the spirit of plants and flowers
  • A revolutionary, healing way to enjoy a cup of cacao
  • A process of deepening your work with essential oils
  • How to work with plant medicine even if you don’t have access to plants

Watch the video to learn powerful plant spirit healing wisdom and processes. 

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