Norse Runes Meanings
Norse Runes and Their Meanings ᛗ | Rune Divination
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I’m writing this while visiting the Oracle of Delphi in Greece, the western world’s most famous oracle. In the ancient times, the priestesses who served at the temple, known as the Pythia, communicated with God Apollo to receive prophecies that directed crucial state matters.

Around the temple of Delphi, freelance fortune-tellers known as Mantis, also gave readings using a variety of divination processes. They read the movements of the birds, divined animal entails, and casted sheep knuckles.

Divination methods have been practised for thousands of years by most cultures around the world. What’s fascinating is that, while other functions of society have declined or disappeared completely, many divination methods have persisted.

One such method is the ancient runes, a divination system developed by the Norse people. I’ve always wanted to understand and learn how to cast the runes, and so I invited my friend and author of Runes Made Easy, Richard Lister, to teach me all about them.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • The history and origins of the runes
  • The meaning of popular runes
  • How to make your own runes
  • Different ways of casting the runes

At the end of the interview, Rich also gives us a collective rune reading.

Learn all about the runes and how to use them for divination, and more!

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