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When I first started practicing Feng Shui – the Chinese system of spatial arrangement and orientation – I was ALL about following the rules to a T.  

I’d use Chinese coins to attract abundance, hang wind chimes all around the house, and place bamboo sticks on my walls. I also became enchanted with feng shui fountains, and at some point, we had 5 mini fountains in the house! (I went all out!) 

Today, although I still love and use Feng Shui I’m not so strict with the rules. As I understood more about the flow of energy in the house and learned to manipulate it, I realized that it wasn’t the specific rules that helped me create change, but my intention behind what I did.  

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I chat with my friend and Feng Shui expert Anjie Cho. Anjie teaches Feng Shui in a unique way. Her new book’s called Mindful Homes: Create healing living spaces with Mindfulness and feng shui, and it’s all about listening to your intuition and connecting with the spirit of your home when using Feng Shui.  

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:

  • The way positive and negative chi flows in the house 
  • How to balance the yin/yang energies in your home
  • Ways of incorporating the five elements in your house
  • A process of using the bagua map to manifest your desires
  • Ways of using fountains, mirrors, and other Feng Shui cures in your house

Click here to learn Anjie’s practices for creating a healing home.

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