Mermaids Are Real, But Not Really
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Even though I grew up on an island I’ve never really been a beach person – I’m way too high maintenance and get incredibly frustrated with sand stuck in my slippers and salty water burning my eyes. However, as soon as I got acquainted with the magical world of the mermaids a year ago, I discovered an unprecedented, well-hidden love and admiration for the sea that’s been driving me to disserted beaches ever since. So, when my friend told me about a beach at the south coast of Cyprus I hadn’t been to before, I had to check it out.

As soon as I felt the salty sea breeze hit my face and sunk my feet into the warm water of the Mediterranean Sea, all the unnecessary stress and frustration I was overcome with the week before lifted away. The mermaid energy was palpable and potent in the gentle gust of the wind, but it all got real after my first swim. While crawling out of the water I let my body buoy on the surface as the waves washed me up and down the shore. It is said, that it is in these tween places – between two opposing things, in this case, the interstice between the sea and the coast – which faeries usually reside.

I never quite understood what that really meant until I felt it. Wave after wave I watched and felt as they crushed on the coast, literally moving my body up and down the beach. I had studied about the working mechanism that drives the world’s oceans and shapes our coasts, in Geography, but I’d never thought of interpreting this fluid powerhouse in a spiritual way. It suddenly became blatantly obvious that the calming rhythm, rushing sound and perfunctory movement of the waves have a life of their own that exerts its presence on my moment-to-moment experience.

Next time you find yourself on the beach, just pause and notice how your emotions transform as a result of exposing yourself to it. You’ll find out that the sounds, feelings and images you experience, do something to you. They create a calming feeling and promote a message of well-being and knowing that all is well and everything is working out in divine order. It is this life-force or affect, this soulful existence that is so evident when we interact with the sea that has fascinated people throughout the ages, and has given rise to the archetype of the mermaid.

In other worlds, mermaid is simply a visual portrayal of the spirit or essence that is the sea, and is an outcome of the productive interstice that arises from our interaction with, and perception of that essence. Having exclaimed my epiphany to my friend, we went for a walk along the beach hoping to collect some seashells, but all we kept finding were red, heart-shaped little pebbles.  Realizing the co-incidence as a sign from the mermaids I let a smile light up my face, grateful for granting me a part of their world.

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