Mermaid Ritual to Release Negativity
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For the last two years, my friends and I have been planning a mermaid-inspired ritual for the purpose of releasing negativity. The idea behind the ritual was to create a safe, high-vibrational space, where we could share our fears, struggles, or any past negative circumstances, and surrender them to God for cleansing and transmutation. Finally, on the 12th of August, we decided to bring our ritual into life. Inspired by the Perseid Meteor shower occurring in the same night, we gathered together in what will always stay in my mind as the most dreamy and idyllic beach I’ve ever been to.

Away from the mainstream tourist beaches of Cyprus, our secret bay was surrounded by naked cliffs and shallow caves, which enveloped the crystal clear waters creating a magical ambiance that best suited our pursuit. The element of water is traditionally associated with our unconscious beliefs and emotions, yet whenever I go to the beach, I get the clear message to avoid sentimentalism and be playful. Apparently, there is something about playing and having fun in the water that eases anxiety, and allows us to tap into our inner self fearlessly. Therefore, at sunset, we sank our way into the deep-blue waters of the Mediterranean, and allowed the purifying energy of the mermaids to cleanse our vibration and uplift our senses.

For symbolic purposes, we brought with us flowers or petals, to represent the fears and struggles that we wished to release into the water. Being responsible for guiding the meditation, I led everyone in a circle, and opened the ceremony by calling upon Archangel Michael to guide and protect us. Subsequently, we consciously connected with the spirits of the sea, by bringing our attention to the present moment, and building up a feeling of oneness and unconditional love. After we attuned ourselves to the love that lies within us and achieved a state of mutual trust, we shared our innermost shadows, and then casted them away by throwing the flowers in the center of the circle.

Although a simple ritual with no bells and whistles, the beauty and energy of the place, along with our commitment to be brave enough to talk about our fears and insecurities, were enough to facilitate the purpose of the ritual. We closed the ceremony by holding hands, visualizing ourselves surrounded by loving white light, appreciating the infinite abundance of love within us, and affirming that in this God’s dream that life really is, “Only love is real.”

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