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When we’re children we don’t have all the cognitive and emotional tools we need to process negative experiences. Therefore, when something traumatic happens instead of processing the resulting negative emotions, we suppress them. 

This results in the creation of fears and limiting beliefs that we hold onto throughout our lives, limiting our capacity for happiness.  

Almost 100% of the fears and limiting beliefs we have are rooted in our childhood.

The relationships we have with our parents, other people in our lives, as well as the series of events and circumstances we go through during our childhood, and even before our birth while we’re still within our mother’s womb, all shape our current outlook on life. 

In fact, when people come to me for a psychic clearing session and I scan their body to identify energetic blockages and imbalances, these blocks almost always go back to traumatic memories in childhood, that haven’t been properly expressed or healed. 

When we do heal these traumatic childhood memories through an inner child healing meditation or other processes, we experience instant shifts in the quality of our lives.

When our inner child is healed and happy, we experience more freedom in being our authentic selves, we trust in the goodness of others and that the Universe has our back, and we take action towards our dreams and desires without fear or hesitation. 

Are you ready to experience all that? Are you ready to heal your inner child and experience boundless love and joy?

In the following guided meditation, you’ll go on a journey to meet your inner child and heal the wounds and frustrations that you’ve suppressed during your childhood.

Do the meditation for inner child healing here. 

Watch the entire meditation training series:

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