How to Make Holy Water
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Holy Water has, and is still used by most cultures around the world for healing and spiritual awakening.

There are scared streams and wells visited by thousands of pilgrims around the world every year, wanting to get a sip of their healing and miraculous waters.

Growing up in Cyprus as Orthodox Christian, holy water was something I was very familiar with. We’d go on pilgrimages with my family, to various Saints’ birth places in Greece and Cyprus where holy water had been flowing for hundreds of years. Twice a year, we’d also have a priest come to our house and perform a space clearing, using holy water that he’d create in the ceremony.

Years later, and after immersing myself in New Age beliefs and spirituality I discovered that I could make my own holy water. In fact, anyone can. We don’t need to be priests to make holy water, and we don’t need to collect it from sacred wells. We are sacred ourselves, and thus have the power to infuse water with divine energy.

In this week’s video, I teach you my personal recipe to getting your guru on and making your own holy water.

After watching the video do this: Note how you’re feeling before you make holy water, then make it and drink it, and then comment below thirty minutes to an hour later letting me know how you feel as a result. This is the only way to find out how holy water works for you.

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