The Law(s) of Attraction: At the Heels of Instant Manifestation
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As most Law of Attraction junkies would know there are hundreds of different techniques and processes for consciously using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams and desires. From simple and easy-to-follow processes like doing positive affirmations, designing vision boards and meditating, to advanced processes like visualization, scripting, even pretending to purchase things with imaginary dollars, there is something for everyone. Having tried many of these processes I came to the conclusion that they all naturally fall into two basic categories.

The first one I like to call the fake-it-till-you-make it category which usually involves working on a specific set of desires, such as trying to manifest a relationship, get a raise in your job or take that holiday in the Caribbean that you’ve always dreamed of. Processes falling in this category include visualization, scripting, doing positive affirmations as well as the simple act of living the lie until it becomes your reality. When properly carried through these techniques are the most effective in manifesting any kind of desire, for whatever you believe must become your reality. However, whereas living life in denial is attainable for a trained mind, it just isn’t a sustainable way of going about any kind of manifestation; and even if the initial exhilaration for the freshness of these processes gives you a kick start, after a few days most people get tired of the pretence and give up.

The second approach to manifestation involves letting go of all desires and expectations, surrendering yourself to God, Source or Spirit and trusting that everything will come to you at the perfect time.

Wait! What about “like attracts like,” “you get what you give” and “your thoughts attract your reality?” How is abstaining from thinking about your desires going to attract them into your experience? Isn’t the Law of Attraction working solely on the premise of our thoughts and emotions? The answer is more complicated than that. When you consider the way through which your mental and emotional bodies respond at the point of releasing your desires to Source, you will notice that the decision to surrender acts in a way that relinquishes not the actual yearning for the desire, but your resistance towards its manifestation. Although the fake-it-till-you-make it processes are truly effective they require powerful focus, and when unsuccessful they enhance the resistance towards the manifestation of your desires that they were intended to sooth in the first place.

On the other hand, surrendering yourself to God opens up the possibility of manifesting the totality of your desires in an incremental way, for whatever you have ever asked remains stored in your personal vibrational safe; a virtual space that holds the manifestation of your desires in an energetic form. In this respect, constantly thinking and feeling for your desires isn’t required, for you have already asked and they were already given to you. The only reason you are not enjoying them right now is because you have been resisting them with all the “where is it?” and “why isn’t it coming yet?” Surrendering your desires (hence, your resistance) opens the door to your vibrational safe and all that you’ve ever desired shows up at the perfect time.

The best of both worlds

Ironically, it is when you release and surrender your desires to Source that the fake-it-till-you-make-it processes work best. When you surrender it’s like you give yourself over to Love which is the truth of what Source is, and therefore it is the truth of who you really are. In other words, surrendering to Source is the same thing as aligning yourself to the pure-positive, all-loving and powerful creator that you know is you. I assure you that the vibrational essence achieved by your alignment with all-that-is is much more powerful than the mediocre kind of alignment you will ever achieve by visualizing that you’ve just won the lottery… When you achieve alignment with the Source that lies within you then you’ve attuned yourself to the most powerful force in the universe.

From that loving and blissful state of utmost intelligence you have the skill and mastery to utilize any Law of Attraction process that you want in the best possible way, which allows you to achieve an interstice between the two Law of Attraction approaches. I believe that this is a much more organic and natural way to go about manifestation. Concurrently, aligning yourself to Source through surrendering puts you right on the path to fulfilling your life’s purpose of being Source (love) in a physical body. In other words, this methodological interstice helps you find wholeness without the need of materiality, but allows you to express your wholeness through materiality while having fun along the way.

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