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A few years ago, I was faced with a great deal of sexual trauma. It got triggered while trying to deal with unrequited love (you can listen to my podcast episode talking about it here), and I had no idea how to deal with it… 

I’d tried all my usual tools and practices but nothing had worked. Eventually, I worked with a therapist who helped me get the process started, but then it was up to me to keep the healing going.  

What helped me massively during that time was journaling about my experiences. As part of my Trauma Specialist training, I’d learned about the benefits of Narrative Exposure Therapy. This is a science-backed journaling practice during which you’re guided to write about, and subsequently heal, past traumatic memories. 

Guiding myself through the process I journaled my heart out, and word after word, page after page, I felt my sexual hurt and shame dissolve. A few weeks of dedicated journaling later, I was finally free from my past traumas. 

Although I’d always known that journaling was a powerful healing practice, that’s when I realized that it was an essential one, too.  

In this week’s episode of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, I chat with journaling expert Kari Owens. Kari shares her journaling philosophy and powerful practices to help you get started with, and deepen, your journaling practice.  

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How to process your emotions using journaling 
  • Ways of journaling for manifestation 
  • Journal prompts to get you started 
  • How to process trauma through journaling 
  • Using journaling to get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs

Click here to learn Kari’s journaling practices for healing, manifestation, and more.

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