Reaching the fifth dimension with diana cooper
How to Reach the 5th Dimension ๐ŸŒˆ | Archangel Chamuel Meditation w/ Diana Cooper
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The time we’ve been waiting for is almost here!

During the Golden Age of Atlantis, people lived in accordance with divine principles and laws, exhibiting a high level of consciousness and spiritual evolution. They had harnessed energy in ways that modern civilizations cannot comprehend, and they lived in harmony with nature, utilizing their advanced knowledge for the betterment of society.

Since the fall of Atlantis, our world has been through quite a few other human experiments with the aim of reaching the fifth dimension once again and birthing the new Golden Age.

According to Diana Cooper, this new paradigm in the earth’s history will finally be reached in 2032, and her new book, The Golden Age, provides a step-by-step framework for getting us there.

I had the pleasure of having Diana on The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast for the fourth time to chat about her new book and how to reach the fifth dimension (the state of mind and existence we need to embody to help birth the Golden Age).

If you still get confused about the different dimensions (I know I was for a while), here’s a summary:

  • 3rd Dimension: The third dimension is often associated with the human experience and the challenges and limitations that come with living in a physical body. It is a realm of duality, where we experience contrasts such as good and bad, joy and sorrow, love and fear.
  • 4th Dimension: The fourth dimension is considered a higher plane of consciousness beyond the limitations of the physical world. It is a realm where emotions, dreams, and subconscious thoughts have a more profound influence. The fourth dimension is believed to be a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms and is often associated with the concept of the soul.
  • 5th Dimension: The fifth dimension represents a higher level of spiritual consciousness and evolution. It is a plane of unity, love, and interconnectedness. In this dimension, there is a sense of oneness and harmony with all of creation. People who are said to have reached the fifth dimension are believed to have transcended the limitations of the ego and embraced a higher level of spiritual awareness. It is a state where unconditional love, compassion, and enlightenment are said to be attained.

In the episode, Diana shared a powerful meditation with Archangel Chamuel to help you overcome fear so you can speed up your journey to creating a fifth-dimensional life.

Specifically, in this episode youโ€™ll learn:

  • The journey to the golden future of Earth
  • The Transformation โ€“ life in the new Golden Age
  • Preparing for the Fifth Dimension
  • Higher Ascension tools to propel you into the golden future

Click here to watch the episode and learn how to reach the fifth dimension.ย 

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