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A few years ago I gave a talk at an LGBT Youth Group in London about my experience of getting bullied as a gay teenager. 

At first, everything went great. They related to my story, a few of the kids started crying when I talked about my almost-committed suicide, and they lit up when they heard about my healing journey afterwards. 

And then, there was chaos!

Something I said triggered the heaven out of them, and what was an inspirational talk turned into an impassioned debate. 

What I’d told them was one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in my spiritual journey that, in all honesty, I shouldn’t have expected them to understand at that stage in their life. 

I’d told the group that the primary reason I was bullied was that I bullied myself. Because I loathed who I was, I attracted to me people who were a vibrational match to it. 

How could I expect a group of teenagers, who experience bullying daily, to accept that? I hadn’t accepted it while I was getting bullied, and it was years later that I was able to take responsibility.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone bullying and I believe we must stand against bullies and stand up for the people who experience it, every single time. If we don’t, we take the side of the bully. 

But, at the same time I understand the spiritual, energetic, and psychological components behind it. I understand that bullies bully because they hurt inside And, I understand that the people who get bullied also bully themselves to some degree. 

In my latest interview on the Lit Up Lightworker Podcast with Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, we talk about her book ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me.’ In the interview, Camilla explains how our relationships are mirrors of the relationship we have with ourselves, and offers practical guidance on healing our relationships on a deep level.

Watch the interview to learn Camilla’s processes of healing your relationship with yourself and others. 

Specifically, in the interview you’ll learn:

  • The five stages of self love
  • The difference between self-love and self care
  • How to not project your issues by blaming others
  • How to accept yourself fully and take responsibility of your life

Click here to watch the full interview and learn powerful processes to loving yourself more deeply. 

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