How to Heal the Witch Wound
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Are you afraid to live your purpose for fear of being judged or persecuted?

Have you been through trauma in this or past lives?

Are you ready to heal these traumas, overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, and fully and unapologetically pursue your purpose?

In my experience working with hundreds of lightworkers over the last ten years as part of my Psychic Clearing sessions, online courses, and workshops, I’ve discovered that many of our current fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs are truly collateral damage of past-life traumas.

Specifically, many lightworkers suffer from what’s known as the ‘witch wound’. Many of us have had many past lives as intuitives, healers, shamans, wise ones, mystics, and witches. Although there were lifetimes when we were free to live our purpose and work our magic, as patriarchy took over, we were forced to dim our light and bury our truth.

We have an expectation of being attacked and persecuted in our current lifetime after experiencing lifetimes of fear and persecution – I call it PTSD that spans lifetimes! This manifests as concealing the truth and remaining in the spiritual closet, being afraid to share our spiritual beliefs with friends and family, and playing small and sabotaging our success.

As a result, we prevent ourselves from fulfilling our purpose, making a difference in people’s lives, and effecting significant, positive change in the world!

Here are some signs that you have a witch wound:

  • You’re afraid of sharing your magic and following your spiritual purpose for fear of being judged, attacked, or persecuted.
  • You keep your spiritual abilities hidden or only share them with a small group of friends.
  • You distrust or fear authority figures.
  • You are afraid of confrontation, so you rarely express your thoughts.
  • You are terrified of water and/or fire.

If any of these apply to you, you may be suffering from the witch wound.

The question is, are you ready to heal these traumas, overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, and fully and unapologetically pursue your purpose?


Here are 5 steps you can take to start healing the witch wound:

  1. Safely Experience One or More of Your Past Lives: The first step is to identify your karmic attachments, where they are in your body, and the fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs they are associated with. Identifying them is critical because you’ll be able to see how they’ve caused havoc in your life.
  2. Resolve the Original Traumas: By undergoing a past-life regression, you can heal and resolve the traumas that caused your karmic attachments. These original traumas have led to a series of fears and limiting beliefs in your present life. By releasing them, you’ll free yourself from a tonne of present-life blocks.
  3. Release the Fears and Limiting Beliefs Associated with the Witch Wound: Past-life wounds generate a series of fears, expectations, and limiting beliefs that serve to maintain them lifetime after lifetime. By identifying the fears and limiting beliefs that are created as a result, they can be transformed into positive ones.
  4. Heal Past-Life PTSD: A certified trauma specialist and advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) practitioner can help guide you through cognitive practices to release the traumatic imprints of your negative past-life experiences.
  5. Create New, Positive Beliefs that Support Your Purpose: When you have healed the hurts, wounds, and traumas that held you back, you can then plant energetic seeds of new, supportive beliefs that will help you follow and fulfil your life purpose. 

If you’re ready to identify and heal the past-life wounds, hurts and traumas that hinder you from living your best life and following your purpose, then the Heal the Witch Hunt Wound workshop is for you.

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