How to Heal Past Life Traumas
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Do you wish you follow your purpose but the following limiting beliefs and fears are holding you back?

  • You’re scared of putting yourself out there and being judged and shamed
  • You prioritize the dreams of others and end up not working on your dreams
  • You hold yourself back by negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and lack of self-confidence
  • You don’t believe that you are good enough until you read more books and undergo more training before you start

You’ve meditated, journaled, received healing, read books and attended workshops about overcoming these limiting beliefs and yet they keep creeping up on you…

You keep on healing and releasing these fears and limiting beliefs, but they re-appear and sabotage your happiness and success.  

You begin to lose hope…

Don’t. The reason your limiting beliefs are so persistent is because you’ve had them for many, many lifetimes.

I believe that if you’re a lightworker in this lifetime, then you’ve always been a lightworker.

Because of this: 

You’ve been victimized for speaking up. 

Judged for being different.

Humiliated for owning up to your magic. 

Killed for standing in your power.

Burnt for being a witch.

Lifetime after lifetime, you’ve suffered and this wound runs so deep that it needs more than just journaling to heal…

When you’ve suffered consistently lifetime after lifetime, your soul expects to keep suffering in subsequent lives. As a result, you subconsciously attract experiences that recreate that.

To permanently heal and overcome these traumas requires past-life work.


The easiest way to heal past life traumas is through a past-life regression. Here are 3 steps to healing past life traumas in a regression:

  1. Recognize and Heal Your Past-Life Traumas: By using past-life therapy, psychic clearing, and cognitive processes, you’re able to desensitise the memories connected to traumas and heal their effects on both your past life and present self.
  2. Release the Fears and Limiting Beliefs Associated with the Traumas: Wounds from a past life tend to create a series of fears, expectations, and limiting beliefs that keep you experiencing them lifetime after lifetime. This step requires you to identify those fears and limiting beliefs and transform them into positive ones.
  3. Heal and Recalibrate Your Etheric Body: Past-life wounds tend to leave scars on your etheric body. When these wounds go unhealed, the scars allow for re-traumatization. To prevent this from happening, energy processes must be used to mend the wounds and strengthen your energy field

Heal Past-Life Traumas is an online, 90-minute guided past-life regression during which I’ll guide you to identify and heal the past-life wounds, hurts, and traumas that prevent you from following your purpose in this lifetime.

Click here to access the Heal Past-Life Traumas online workshop and learn how to heal past-life wounds and traumas that hold you back from fulfilling your purpose.

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