A Guided, 90-minute Regression to Healing Past-Life Wounds That Prevent You From Living Your Purpose

What if the blocks to following your life purpose are rooted in your past lives?

You’re an empath, lightworker, healer, intuitive or spiritual seeker, who wants to create positive change in the world through your spiritual work. 

You dream of leaving your muggle job so you can follow your purpose, but you’re held back by fears and limiting beliefs: 

  • You’re afraid of putting yourself out there for fear of being judged and shamed by others  
  • You put other people’s needs before your own and don’t have enough time to work on your dreams
  • You’re held back by negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and lack of self-confidence  
  • You feel you’re not good enough and need to read more books, and get more training before you start

You’ve meditated, journalled, received healing, read books and attended workshops about overcoming these obstacles and yet they keep creeping up on you… 

You keep on healing and releasing fears and limiting beliefs, only to see them re-appear and sabotage your happiness and success.  

It’s frustrating, and you’re losing hope… Don’t.  

The reason your limiting beliefs are so persistent is because you’ve had them for many, many lifetimes.

I believe that if you’re a lightworker in this lifetime, then you’ve always been a lightworker.  

As a result,  

You’ve been persecuted for speaking up.  

Judged for being different. 

Shamed for owning up to your magic.  

Killed for standing in your power. 

Shut down for being a woman. 

Burnt for being a witch. 

Lifetime after lifetime you’ve suffered. A wound so deep needs more than just journalling to heal…

When you’ve suffered consistently over many lifetimes, your soul expects to keep suffering in subsequent lives. As a result, you subconsciously attract experiences that re-create it. 

Permanently healing and overcoming these traumas requires past-life work.  

Heal Past-Life Traumas is an online, 90-minute guided past-life regression during which I’ll guide you to identify and heal the past-life wounds, hurts, and traumas that prevent you from following your purpose in this lifetime. 

Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Safely Experience One or More of Your Past Lives

You’ll learn your name, how you looked, your purpose, and how your life unfolded. This will allow you to identify the wounds, hurts, and traumas that scarred you in that lifetime, so that you can fully release them.

– 2 –

Identify and Heal Your Past-Life Traumas

We’ll use advanced past-life therapy, psychic clearing, and cognitive processes to desensitise the traumatic memories and heal their impact on both your past life, and present self.

– 3 –

Release the Fears and Limiting Beliefs Associated with the Traumas

Past-life wounds create a series of fears, expectations and limiting beliefs that help uphold them lifetime after lifetime. We’ll identify the fears and limiting beliefs that were created as a result, and transmute them to positive ones.

– 4 –

Heal and Recalibrate Your Etheric Body 

Past-life wounds leave scars on your etheric bodies. When left unhealed, these scars can create the basis for retraumatization. To prevent this from happening, we’ll use energy processes to mend the wounds and strengthen your energy field. 

Get instant access for just £29 ($39) now, and liberate yourself from the past-life hurts, wounds, and traumas that hold you back from fearlessly following your purpose. 

“When I regressed to my past life, I was taken to Scotland in the 18th century. I was dragged from my home in the early hours of the morning and was transported to the centre of the town. At dawn I was tied to a stake in front of a large crowd of people. I felt so much anger towards the people who were about to kill me! I kept looking at the sky and I could see the smoke building in my peripheral vision. I could smell it too and I found it hard to breathe. I felt upset because I knew I hadn’t completed my life’s purpose and I was leaving people behind who needed me. I prayed to God that someone would continue my work when I was gone. Having healed that wound in the past-life regression, I’m now more confident in myself, and passionate about following my life purpose fearlessly. Thank you, George for the incredible past life trauma healing workshop.”

Micaela Bell


“After the regression my heart feels lighter and more at peace. Feelings of guilt I had unknowingly been carrying my whole life it seems have disappeared. Now, I can embark on the next part of my career, which involves healing in a more mainstream way; I feel ready and know I can be of service.” 

Linda Kay


You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • Light and peaceful, as you’d have shed tonnes of weight in past-life hurt, traumas, and limiting beliefs that you’ve accumulated over many lifetimes.
  • Wiser and inspired for learning lifetimes’ worth of soul lessons. You’ll have an awakened perspective on life, other people, and your soul’s journey.
  • Uplifted and connected to Source. You’d have not only released limiting beliefs and past life traumas, but also created new, positive ones, and attuned yourself to the frequency of your highest potential. 

Get instant access for just £29 ($39) now, and liberate yourself from the past-life hurts, wounds, and traumas that hold you back from fearlessly following your purpose. 

A Personal Invitation From George…

Past-Life Regression is not spiritual entertainment. It helps you create real, lasting change. 

When we experience something traumatic in a past life we create fears and limiting beliefs that accompany us throughout many lifetimes.

Unless we identify and heal these, they’ll run in the background and hinder us from living a happy life and following our purpose. 

Past-life regression is a safe process for accessing and healing these past-traumas, so we can more forward fearlessly. 

Here’s Jessica’s story of healing a past-life trauma that prevented her from following her purpose:  

When Jessica came to me she suffered from a serious case of psoriasis. In the past-life regression, we found out that Jessica was a boy that was chained violently by his dad. As a result, his body was covered in scars similar to Jessica’s psoriasis wounds. 

 As a result of resolving her past-life trauma, Jessica’s psoriasis has now completely disappeared and she’s following her purpose more fully and fearlessly that she’d ever hoped for. 

I’m a certified Trauma Specialist, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) practitioner, Psychology graduate, and past-life therapist with 10+ years of experience. In this workshop, I’ll incorporate a wide array of cognitive and energy tools and processes to help you safely heal the past-life wounds that keep you stuck.

I can’t wait to see you there, 

George x





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