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One of the most impactful books I’ve read is ‘Why Good People Do Bad Things’, by Debbie Ford. 

In the book, Debbie talks about how we’re taught to suppress our emotions, particularly the ones relating to our shadow self (the parts of us we feel guilty and shameful about), until they burst out in acts of anger, self-destruction, and sometimes crime. 

Personally, I’ve experienced this first hand. Growing up in a small and judgemental community, I spent years suppressing and denying my sexuality. It led me into a dark depression that almost cost me my life. 

It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to feel my emotions fully that I was able to find the self-love and acceptance that I needed. 

I’ve always taught that all a negative emotion wants is to be heard and acknowledged, after which it loses its power completely. Then, we’re ready to move up the emotional scale to a more positive emotion. 

There’s nobody who can teach this message better than Madelyn Moon. Describing herself as a ‘walking permission slip’, Madelyn is on a mission to help us accept and express our emotions fully and unapologetically. 

In my interview with her, she shares tips, processes, and nuggets of wisdom to help guide your emotional healing and exploration. 

Specifically, in this interview you’ll learn: 

  • How to identify and understand negative emotions moment-by-moment
  • Why it’s important to embrace all parts of us
  • A process for dealing with a Dark Night of the Soul
  • The lessons your negative emotions have for you

Watch the interview to learn Madelyn’s processes of safely accessing and expressing your negative emotions. 

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