Handmade Ceramics for Rituals | Crystal Mugs, Pendulums, Incense Holders
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If you’ve been following my Instagram stories you’ve probably seen my spiritual ceramic creations.  

I got into pottery three years ago and I immediately fell in love with it. It first started as a fun hobby I did on the weekends but as I got more into it, it became part of my spiritual practice.  

Working with clay helps me centre and ground myself, and moulding it into various forms allows me to access my intuition and channel intention and energy into my creations.  

 In time, I ended up replacing most of my ritual tools with ceramic ones I’ve made myself, which has helped me deepen my ritual work and spiritual connection.  

In 2018, Joanna Cabot of Holistic Ceramics left her corporate job to become a full-time potter, making the most gorgeous spiritual ceramics – pendulums, incense holders, chakra stones, smudge bowls, ceramic altars, and more! 

Joanna had already sent me four of her ceramic pendulums last year and I used them in my Pendulum YouTube Series, and I was so excited to have her be part of the Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, too, to talk about her process.  

Specifically, in the episode you’ll learn:

  • The spiritual benefits of working with clay 
  • How to infuse your ritual items with energy healing 
  • Intuitive practices to access your creativity 
  • Soulful ceramic creations to enhance your rituals 
  • The benefits of working with ceramic pendulums

Click here to watch the episode and learn how to infuse your ritual items with energy and intention.

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