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Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle Review 🧝🏿‍♀️ | Sophie Bashford (Hay House)
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I was thrilled to get my hands on Sophie Bashford’s new deck, Goddesses, Gods & Guardians. It’s one of the few decks that balances the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, to help us find this inner balance, too.

The beautiful artwork by Hillary Wilson captures the essence of each deity, transporting us into their world and activating their frequency within us.

Within this deck, you’ll get to connect with goddesses and gods of various spiritual traditions, such as Artemis, Apollo, Ra, Brigid, Isis, and Inanna. You’ll also deepen your connection with elemental guardians, such as the Mermaid of Lemuria and the tree dryads.

In Sophie’s words:

“Making this deck as inclusive, accessible and welcoming as possible was a core element of my vision. You’ll meet with spiritual mentors from a diverse range of worldly traditions and cultures, and across the gender spectrum.”

Watch my video review to:

  • See the 44 cards included in the deck
  • Learn about the essence and history of pagan deities
  • Understand the connections between different gods
  • Experience a purpose activation with a popular Sun god

Watch my review of Sophie Bashford’s Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle Cards 

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