3 Things Getting Mugged Taught me About Manifestation
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9th September 22:15 – I was on a high!

It was the publication date of my first book, Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher, which I’d been working on for the past three years. There were just less than two hours left until my pre-order campaign would come to an end, and I’d finally get to share my work with the world.

I walked down the usual street on my way home with a big smile plastered on my face, scrolling down my social media feeds and awing at the pictures people sent me, posing with their copy of my book.

It was a priceless moment. I felt incredibly humbled and grateful that they’d trusted me to guide them on their spiritual path. It finally felt that all the hard work I’d been putting towards bringing this book to life was paying off. I felt accomplished, deeply grateful, and purely blissful holding my phone in my hand and witnessing the fruits of my labour.

And at that very moment, in that state of pure bliss, I felt cold fingers touching mine, swiftly snatching the phone from my hand. Before I could realise what had happened, the hooded guy on the bike was already gone with my phone, and so was all the pride, bliss and gratitude I’d attached to it.

A few days later, after having dealt with the emotional impact this had had on me, I started thinking about how the F did I manage to manifest such a negative experience while being on such a positive high.

Here are the top 3 manifestation nuggets this experience has taught me:

  1. Manifestation is Driven by Your Dominant Way of Feeling

The Law of Attraction responds to your emotional outlook, bringing to you people and experiences that match the way you feel. An emotion you’ve felt for a long period of time is more powerful than your fleeting moment-to-moment way of feeling.

In my case, although I was feeling extremely positive during my mugging experience, for the six months it took me to publish the book I’d been primarily vibrating the emotion of fear and loss. I’d been fearful of accidentally deleting the book’s files, my website getting hacked, and simply being unable to bring this project to life. My phone getting stolen – and given what it symbolised to me – was the perfect manifestation to the dominant way I’d been feeling.

  1. The More Important Your Desire, the More You Need to Surrender

As soon as you desire something it is instantly given to you in a vibrational form, and can only manifest physically when you surrender your resistance towards its manifestation – the negative emotion surrounding your ability to manifest that specific desire. The rule of thumb to surrendering is: the more important a desire is to you the more resistance you’ll hold towards manifesting it, and the more time you’ll need to surrender that resistance.

Publishing my book was extremely important to me and so was the resistance I had surrounding it. Although I’d genuinely followed the guidance I’d received to boost my surrendering practice through praying and meditating more, it apparently wasn’t enough to alleviate the enormity of my resistance.

  1. There’s No Such Thing as Failure!

For days after getting mugged I felt like a spiritual failure. How could this happen to me, the “Manifestation Expert” and “Spiritual Life Coach”? My ego thrived on throwing these questions at me, urging me to doubt and abandon my spiritual beliefs. Yet, it was my determination to stick to them that gave me the most powerful manifestation nugget that this experience has taught me.

While meditating, I heard Abraham-Hicks’ words loud and clear in my head: “You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done.” Life is a never-ending journey of learning, trying, winning, failing, getting up, trying again and learning some more. The ego will find countless ways to make you feel like a failure, and what will prove it wrong is your ability to withstand its bullying, rise from the ashes, and come back stronger.

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