Gateway of Light Activation Oracle Cards Review ⚡ | Kyle Gray (Hay House)
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Gateway of Light Activation Oracle is a powerful tool for spiritual ascension. Pushing the envelope of how we use oracle cards, it’s a system for activating ancient wisdom and accessing energies that help us develop on our spiritual path.

Each card is a portal connecting you to chakra energies, spiritual retreats, light beings, light codes, upgrades and downloads. Rather than just using the cards to give intuitive readings to others and yourself, you can also use them as meditation prompts to connect with wise spirit guides and frequencies that can guide your path.

In Kyle’s words:

“Your Gateway of Light Activation Oracle will form a connection between you and the infinite intelligence that is available to you. When you are picking cards, you will be guided to those you need by your spiritual guides and the ancient wisdom within.”

Watch my video review to: 

  • See the 44 cards included in the deck
  • Learn how to use the deck for more than just readings
  • Meet wise spiritual mentors and energies
  • Go on a meditation journey to receive messages from the cards

 Watch my review of Kyle Gray’s Gateway of Light Activation Oracle Cards

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