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Do you wish to discover your life purpose and learn how it will help to improve the world?

Are you devoted to overcoming the fears, limiting beliefs, and conditioning that prevent you from pursuing your purpose?

Are you ready to access your Akashic Records to retrieve information, abilities, and skills that will speed up your soul’s journey of ascension?  

You are probably aware of the effectiveness of past-life regressions in assisting with trauma healing, skill recovery, and discovering one’s life’s purpose. But do you know what the advantages of future-life progressions are? A future-life progression, a type of hypnosis, is where one or more of your future lives can be experienced.


Your soul has a mission that it accomplishes over many incarnations. You might be in the third of 10 lives on your way to achieving a particular goal right now. Even though there are numerous potential future timelines for who you’ll be and what you’ll go through in subsequent incarnations, the broad strokes of your experiences and purpose have already been decided (not by external forces, but by your soul).

In a future-life progression, you access your Akashic Records (the energetic library of your soul) and get a sneak peek of your future lives.

By looking into your future incarnations, you can better understand your soul’s journey, recognize mistakes, traumas, and missed chances, avoid them, and even retrieve skills, talents, and abilities you’ll need in the future, now, to speed up the ascension process.

In ancient times, lightworkers and mystics used future-life progression to further their spiritual growth but patriarchal forces have progressively stifled this practice in their effort to control.

This is our chance to recover this skill and employ it as a tool to create positive change, both in our lives and in the world.


What are the benefits of future life progressions aside from spiritual entertainment? Here are five:

  1. Heal Your Limiting Beliefs, Fears, and Conditioning: By exploring your future lifetimes, you can gain a holistic understanding of who you are on a soul level and reclaim the identity of your Eternal Self, who is unbound by fears, conditioning, and limiting beliefs. By stepping into this higher consciousness, you will instantly let go of perceptions that don’t benefit you.
  2. Find Your Life and Soul Purposes: Our soul pursues a goal that is realized over multiple incarnations. Understanding your greater soul’s mission through the exploration of a future incarnation can help you to identify the precise purpose, lessons, and steps you must take in this lifetime to get there.
  3. Retrieve Knowledge, Talents, and Skills: Your body is constrained by this lifetime; your soul is not. You have the chance to recognize and recall knowledge, abilities, and skills that you would typically acquire in the future, now. This will help you accelerate your spiritual ascension.
  4. Avoid Mistakes, Missed Opportunities, and Traumas: In a future life, you could make mistakes that have an impact on how well you live, your journey of ascension, and how the world is doing. You can take steps in your current life to prevent potential mistakes and missed opportunities in the future because your past, present, and future selves are interconnected.
  5. Understand Your Life’s Experiences: The lessons your soul decided to learn in this lifetime may explain why you struggle with relationships, finances, or your work, or why you harbor certain fears and limiting beliefs that restrict you from moving forward. By looking into your future lives, you can observe how these seeming “blocks” affected those lives and discover that they were benefits in disguise..

Future-life progression is a skill that you likely had and used often. You probably spent a lot of time traveling through your future lives, studying your akashic records, and downloading knowledge and skills that would help you fulfill your mission and have a good impact on your life, the lives of others, and the planet.

Isn’t it time for you to rediscover and fully reclaim your magic?

If you’re ready to experience future life progression, the Journey to the Future You online workshop is your invitation to do so. In these 2-hours, I’ll teach and safely guide you through a magical journey to explore your future lives and use the information you receive to follow and thrive on your soul’s purpose.

Click here to get instant access to the Journey to the Future You online workshop and experience your future lives.

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