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Do you want to find your life’s purpose and understand how it’ll contribute to create a better world?

Are you committed to healing fears, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from following your purpose?

Are you ready to tap into your Akashic Records to retrieve skills, talents, and knowledge that’ll speed up your soul’s journey of ascension?  

I’m sure you’re aware of the power of past-life regressions to heal past-life traumas, retrieve skills, and discover your life purpose. But, are you aware of the benefits of future-life progressions? A future-life progression is a type of hypnosis during which you’re able to experience one or more of your future lives.


Your soul has a purpose it fulfils over a series of lifetimes. Right now, you may be in the third of ten lives on your journey to fulfilling a specific purpose. Although there are many possible future timelines of who you’ll be and what you’ll experience in future lifetimes, the main brushstrokes of your experiences and purpose have already been decided (not by external forces, but by your own soul).

In a future-life progression, you access your akashic records (the energetic library of your soul’s journey) and get a sneak peek of your future lives.

By exploring your future lives, you get to understand your soul’s journey on a deeper level, identify and avoid mistakes, traumas and missed opportunities, and even retrieve skills, talents, and abilities you’ll need in the future, now, to speed up your ascension journey.

Future-life progressions have been practised by mystics and mages throughout history to aid their spiritual development, but this practice has been discouraged by patriarchal forces who sought to control us.

This is our opportunity to reclaim the skill of future-life progressions and use it as a tool to create powerful change in our lives and in the world.


You’re probably of how you can use past life regressions to retrieve past life skills, heal past-life traumas, and get clues about your life purpose. But, what are the benefits of future life progressions aside from spiritual entertainment? 

Here are 5 ways you can use future life progressions to advance on your spiritual journey: 

  1. Heal Fears, Conditioning, and Limiting Beliefs that Hold You Back: By exploring your future lives, you’ll see the big picture of who you are on a soul level and step into the identity of your Eternal Self, who’s free from fears, conditioning and limiting beliefs. Simply by stepping into this higher consciousness you’ll be leaving behind perceptions that don’t serve you.
  2. Discover Your Life’s and Soul’s Purposes: Our soul follows a purpose fulfilled over several lives. By exploring a future life, you get to understand your broader soul’s purpose, which gives you clues as to the specific purpose, lessons, and steps you need to take in this lifetime to get there.
  3. Retrieve Skills, Talents, and knowledge: Your soul is not limited to the present lifetime; your body is. By experiencing a future life, you get the opportunity to identify and retrieve skills, talents, and knowledge you’ll normally develop in the future, now. This will allow you to speed up your journey of ascension!
  4. Avoid Mistakes. Traumas, and Missed Opportunities: You may make mistakes in a future life that affect the quality of your life, your journey of ascension, and state of the world. Since your past, present, and future lives are interconnected, by seeing possible future mistakes and missed opportunities, you can do something in your current life to avoid them.
  5. Understand Your Life’s Experiences: The reason you may have a hard time with relationships, money, career, or have certain fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, may be related to lessons your soul chose to learn in this life. By exploring your future lives, you get to see the effects of these seeming “blocks” in a future life and realize they were really, blessings in disguise.

Future-life progression is a skill that you likely had and used often. You probably spent hours journeying in your future lives, exploring your akashic records, downloading skills and information that would allow you to successfully fulfil your purpose and make a positive impact in your and other people’s lives, and in the world.

Isn’t it time for you to rediscover and fully reclaim your magic?

If you’re ready to experience future life progression, the Journey to the Future You online workshop is your invitation to do so. In these 2-hours, I’ll teach and safely guide you through a magical journey to explore your future lives and use the information you receive to follow and thrive on your soul’s purpose.

Click here to reserve your seat for the Journey to the Future You online workshop and experience your future lives. 

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