Finding Your Life’s Purpose
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For as long as I can remember I have been captivated by the concept of the life’s purpose. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had this drive to be and do something far beyond my personal fulfillment. Deep inside, I knew that I was meant to change the world in a significant manner, and there was a very specific way for me to do that. It was this innate and irrepressible desire to serve, which encouraged me to pursue my studies in metaphysics, and ponder on life’s big questions.

Years in my spiritual journey, having read tenths of books, and discussed the subject with several people in spirituality, I have finally begun to untangle the mystery of the life’s purpose. Ironically, it wasn’t a book, or a spiritual teacher that led me to this awakening, but merely my own life experience.

We All Have One

To cut a long story short, we all have a life’s purpose. The very fact that we expressed our spiritual, Godly nature into a physical body means that we came here to fulfill a specific assignment. This assignment is crafted after our unique talents, abilities and perspective; therefore, we are the only ones that can fulfill it.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to fulfill their life’s purpose. Although we incarnate into these physical bodies with full awareness of our pure-positive, all-loving nature, and a powerful understanding of our ability to succeed, we end up forgetting it along the way. We get caught up in a world of rules and stereotypes, stress and fear, which cause us to dissipate from our worthiness and inner guidance.

On the bright side, you reading this article is evidence that you’ve found a way to break out of the ego’s illusion, and are willing to remember who you really are, and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Our Collective Purpose

Before I guide you through an exercise that will help you discover your personal life’s purpose, it is important that you awaken to our collective purpose first – the purpose of being human.

I believe that the purpose of humanity is to choose love over fear, and teach this love by being a representation of it. “Be the light,” teaches best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein, inviting us to make a deliberate effort to recognize our fearful illusions, and turn them into loving truths. This has nothing to do with being airy-fairy positive all day long, for the duality of life serves in the expansion of consciousness.

It is important that we experience the negativity of life too, as long as we make the conscious effort to extract the blessing behind it and transcend it into loving form. This way, we experience our humanity to its fullest, but we don’t keep ourselves trapped into a vicious circle of negativity. Instead, we accept these negative experiences as opportunities, to grow and teach a message of love from a renewed understanding.

Your Purpose

I have attempted several processes to help me find my life’s purpose, and although most of them were helpful, I’ve recently realized that I didn’t really need them. I was already living my life’s purpose, I just didn’t know it!

The reality is, you already know what your purpose is, you’re just afraid to come to terms with it. Sometimes, we feel that our purpose isn’t a viable option, or that it isn’t aligned with what our parents and society want from us. On other occasions, we are afraid to follow it because we are scared of the success that it will bring us!

To awaken to your life’s purpose, choose a time in your life when you were at your happiest. Then ask yourself the following questions:

How did I spend my time?

What did I talk about the most?

What societies/organizations was I involved in?

If you can’t remember what your mindset was at that point in your life, bring your attention to the present moment and make a log of your daily activities, making a note of how each activity makes you feel. The decisive factor is your emotional state. When we are at our highest, we are aligned with the love that defines us, and therefore, our life’s purpose. On the other hand, when we feel low, we are holding ourselves apart from who we are, and engage in activities that don’t resonate with our purpose. Therefore, making this mental connection between what you do and how you feel while doing it, is the easiest and most accurate way to figure out what your life’s purpose is.

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