Failed Past Lives of a Lightworker: 2 Clues You’ll Finally Make It
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I’ve been a Lightworker for hundreds of lifetimes, and in all of these lifetimes I’ve failed fulfiling my global life purpose – to lead a global movement that changes the world in a positive way. I’ve been a witch that got burnt at the stake during the inquisitions, I’ve been a New York City shaman who went dark and killed his girlfriend, I’ve chosen prostitution over self-love in way too many lifetimes than I’m willing to admit, and I’ve given up the will to fight and lead out of cowardice and shyness.

This is the lifetime where I am, finally, succeeding! Why? Because I satisfy two vital requirements…

Lifetimes of Training

In the same way that every single year, day, and moment of your present life change you as a person, so do your past lives. If you are a lightworker in this lifetime then you’ve been a lightworker forever. In each past life you’ve had small-scale life purposes, all aimed at training you to rise up to your potential and shine your light bright.

When your soul is finally ready to fulfil its grand, global life purpose (or start fulfilling it!) then it’ll satisfy both of the following two requirements:

  1. Awareness of Lightworker Status: In many of your past lives you didn’t know you were a lightworker. The societal structures, family values, world events and your untrained spiritual nature prevented you from seeing the big picture. You were a newbie lightworker who was just starting to discover the world it was just thrown into. If, in this lifetime you know you’re a lightworker then your soul has matured enough to be able to realize it. All the lessons you’ve collected throughout your lifetimes have built up, and you’re now able to receive and take action on Divine Guidance.
  1. Willingness to Discover Life Purpose: Even if in past lives you knew you were a lightworker, you probably didn’t have a clear desire and willingness to discover and follow your life purpose. Instead, you infatuated with your spiritual abilities and used them for ego purposes instead. If, in this lifetime you know you are a lightworker and have a genuine willingness to find, follow and thrive on your life purpose, then you’ve made it! You’ve matured enough spiritually to be able to fulfill your global life purpose.

Why These Two Requirements?

According to author of Light Is The New Black Rebecca Campbell, a Lightworker is “someone who wholeheartedly makes the decision to make the world a brighter place by being in it.” As mentioned earlier, the global life purpose of a lightworker involves changing the world in a positive way. Knowing you are a lightworker is fundamental in doing so.

Willingness to follow your life purpose gives you the unique expression through which you can focus that light, and start a movement. As I’ve discussed in my article “You Can’t Fail On Your Life Purpose”, when you’re willing to find your purpose God will reveal the perfect path for you to discover it, and once you do so He won’t let you fail. However many times you fail or quit, millions of Angels and other spiritual beings will send you signs, and keep nudging you to take action, guiding your way to success.

Consequently, the two requirements combined create the perfect formula for awakening your light and pointing it in the right direction, so that you become the Leader of Light your were born to be.

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Do you satisfy both of these requirements? What kind of movement are you called to start? Share it with me below. 

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