You Can’t Fail on your Life Purpose
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Once you find your life purpose you cannot run away from it. Finding your life purpose is, really, synonymous to finding yourself, for it is an expression of who you are. Your life purpose is you, and the sense of fulfillment you experience when you become aware of it, will urge you, for as long as you live, to follow it, and fulfill it.

You are guided

Knowing what your life purpose is, or having an awareness of it, although exciting at first, also comes with fear and unknowingness of how to go about it. Paradoxically, the key to soothing that fear is realizing that your life purpose is not really yours. In truth, your purpose is God’s purpose of love, which you express through your unique set of skills, talents, and personality.

From this perspective, the specific path to fulfilling your life purpose is always given to you. God, Source, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, always provides you with signs, instincts, and guidance, nudging you towards the right path.

How do you read the signs?

By paying attention to the way you feel. That’s what Joseph Campbell meant when he said, “Follow your bliss.” As I explained in my article Finding your Life Purpose, the way you feel is directly related to being in alignment with it. If something feels good, it resonates with your purpose, if it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t.

From this respect, if you make all your decisions from a place of feeling good, you are on the right path.

It will get bigger

What if you miss the signs? What if you can’t tell what feels good, and what feels bad? Are you doomed to fail?

Not at all. Even if you miss the signs, make all the wrong choices, and completely ignore your instincts to follow your purpose, you will still, eventually, fulfill it.

The benefit of having God, the angels, and the entire universe backing you up, is that they will never give up on you. You have to realize that, at any moment, you have Source energy beings focused upon you, seeking for ways to communicate with you. If you can’t read their subtle signs, they’ll send you bigger ones.

Two years ago, and having purposely ignored the signs I received to quit smoking and alcohol, I ended up getting drunk and stepping onto the hot iron of a hair straightener… barefoot. I ended up getting a huge blister on my foot which kept me at home for a month. I haven’t had alcohol, or smoked a cigarette ever since.

The message was loud and clear (and painful!).

How to read the signs

Take my story as both, reassuring and encouraging. Remember, that you are the only person who is qualified to fulfill your life purpose. Nobody else can outshine you, because you’ve got monopoly over what you are here to be, and to give.

However, knowing is not enough. Your must take action. Empowered by your trust in Source’s support, as well as your own abilities, you need to have the courage to push through your fears, and act on the signs and impulses you receive.

An easy process to ensure that you receive Source’s signs, is to, mentally, verbally, or in written form, ask your Angels to send you signs in a way that you will understand them. This last bit is really important, for you give your Angels access into your personal system of understanding symbols and signs, so that they can guide you in a more palpable and apparent way.

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